I just pulled Herbold's latest C4. It looks like she held some sort of house party fundraiser, featuring $124.74 in Costco platters. Anyway, she has a consultant that charged $400 for "House party resource development," and an additional $100 for "Training on house party coordination."

Anyone at the Stranger care to do some investigative journalism and figure out why Herbold needs someone to tell her how to host a party?


Why is Sawant's campaign purchasing office supplies from Amazon? See the campaign's most recent C4.


Right. So, all the greedy little piggies lining up to lick Bezos' balls - er, trough clean are The City's ONLY Hope, whereas a Socialist who buys office supplies from Bezos in order to get the maximum value for her campaign contributions is the one who's the real problem here.

Yup, that sounds about like what the ball - er, bootlickers around here WOULD say...


Totally false narrative that it was Amazon that killed the Head Tax. It was ordinary citizens fed up with an ineffective council.


D7 - 6 candidates welcome these contributions,while 0 have said they do not.
I am not surprised


Has anyone told Herbold that bull ring in her nose doesn’t help?


Prostitutes always seem like such sad specimens.
That forced gaiety, the pretense.
When really the whole dirty business they are involved in is just so unseemly, so tawdry.


I'm not especially impressed with Amazon's $200k contribution. They clear that in profit in under 15 minutes (based on 2018's $10B profit). This amount seems like an ante. Just an indication they intend to play their hand. Hard to begrudge them that.


Amazon's creatures can undoubtedly run the city better than the idiots doing it now.


@ 5. Yes. Well-said.


39% of Bowers contributions come from District 3, not 9%. Way to misquote him.


Political spending by CASE would be independent and not coordinated with these candidates' campaigns (that's the law) so it matters not at all whether they would or would not "accept" the help. If CASE wants to support them, it will, and the candidates will just have to deal. They have no say in the matter.


This might not be just about the head tax. The current Council has not done a stellar job of dealing with things like the homelessness issue (despite spending $$$$ 8 figures on it) or on allowing enough housing to be constructed for the employees that these businesses need to exist. Both of these are things of legitimate concern to businesses, including Amazon, head tax or no. A scarf and a promise to beat up landlords is not gong to fix these things.


Fun to see lots of CASE apologists here and folks covering for stealth CASE clients.
Why be so opaque about your agenda?
If you really think it is so swell to be bought and paid for by the Chamber of Commerce why not just say so?
Why not run on a platform of "stop the business-bashing, let's clean out City Hall of the socialists!"
Why should we have to guess as to your true identity?


@16 thank you. Truly sick of this CASE trope trotted out by the Stranger and the supporters of certain “purity” candidates. Accept or reject it. If they’ve got the cash they’ll spend it however they want and there’s little anyone can say or do about it. And Herbold’s weak “I just filled out the questionnaire?” What a hypocrite.


Hi I am Isabelle J. Kerner (D7) and you can find ALL my endorsement questionnaires here.

Please open the CASE questionnaire and direct your attention to my proposed solution the CAMPING crisis. All feedback is welcome!


@18 "Why not run on a platform of "stop the business-bashing, let's clean out City Hall of the socialists!???"

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