So, this whole plan hinges on the assumption that a developer will just sit around waiting for a year or so to see if a nonprofit and come up with $20 million or so to buy him out?


See, told you we should have restored Seattle zoning to 6 story MFH everywhere, but instead you wonder why they only build in areas zoned for taller buildings.

I hate to admit @1 is correct, but ...


" nonprofit is asking Forbes to delay his lawsuit for a year while they hunt for the funds to purchase the property. In exchange, the nonprofit would agree to delay their upcoming landmarks nomination process for the historic venue."

So blackmail.


44 floors of luxury condos, let’s get it straight. NO affordable housing. They intend to pay their little pittance into the tip jar and be done with all that crazy BS. Non-profit ownership is much more likely to result in actual affordable housing, which is really needed in this location.


@4 No one is talking about putting affordable housing in this location. That option is not even on the table.

The developer wants to build luxury apartments.

The city and a bunch of nostalgic Seattleites want the site to remain a low-rise music venue with poor sightlines, bad acoustics, and a lingering smell of urine.


Seattle has torn down many great buildings, and now people are fighting for the Showbox? As a venue, it isn't even that great. It's main appeal is its location.


I love the Showbox. But just think of what all this grassroots Save the Showbox, Historic Committes are doing. They are wanting to save a building that is run by multinational entertainment conglomerate AEG Live , but we haven't heard a peep from them.


The owners of the Chicago Cubs have periodically discussed tearing down 100 year old Wrigley Field to put up some newfangled stadium that'd have much nicer and more comfortable seating, cleaner facilities and state-of-the-art amenities. But ignorant Cubs fans have steadfastly resisted such visions, as they're fans of the history contained within their familiar ballpark.

Gawd, imagine being so stupid as to resist luxury redevelopment simply because you were nostalgic enough to appreciate watching baseball in the same venue where Ernie Banks played and where Babe Ruth called his historic home run shot during the 1932 World Series. Ignorant doofuses.


I'm glad Sawant focused so much energy on this instead of, you know, figuring out a way that I don't have to wade through human feces and needles when I want to walk outside in my neighborhood.


Developing a 2 story 100 year old building in the heart of downtown? Oh the humanity! Won't somebody please think of the children! Give me a break. This entire pitchfork populist BS is unbelievable. I get that you saw some cool bands there. Doesn't mean it should be corruptly made a historic site like the Ugly Key Arena to abuse the system.
The family that owns this waited for decades to sell. Now you want to seize their property?
The fact that Sawant got behind this shows how much of an incompetent Socialist she is seizing on anything slightly popular she can use to try and seize the means of production.
This non-profit wants to force a sale below value


Is the adjacent property available? It looks like there's a parking lot on one side and on the other, a parking garage one building over.

Why not build over the Showbox? Can they sell their airights?

Everybody wins.



And never mind the fans who haven't set foot in the place since the lights went in, ruining the essential character of the stadium?

Or maybe you're too young to remember what a huge fuss was made over that.


This whole tale is a farcical non-aquatic ceremony. If we didn’t already richly deserve to lose this lawsuit, we do now. Good luck getting re-elected right after Forbes’ attorneys kick our asses, a rich guy pockets our tax $$ and THEN sells the building.

If saving that old pile of cinder blocks is so bloody important, CM Herbold, why has the City not exercised power of eminent domain? You can’t find a spare $50M in our $5.6B budget?


@13 - Delete your account.

Sorry - that was a Freudian slip!

Step in front of a moving train.

There we go! That’s what I meant.


@7 I am baffled by the lack of backlash at AEG Presents. You'd think that when a huge music promoter sells out to developers for the sake of profit, folks might take a dim view of that promoter. Not here, however: folks are gladly giving AEG Presents their money to see shows at other venues the entity operates in Seattle.


@16 Doofus in Shoreline: Is it a little slow down at juvee? Hey, cheer up, lil buckaroo--you've still got Cocoa Puffs and SuperFriends on Channel 4. Now if only your Mom would let you use the car.......


It’s not a “Preliminary Offer”. As they have no money to “Offer”. It a stall tactic to put the inevitable hold.

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