I'm poor, and I like and respect Tim Burgess. You go, Tim! Great idea, and I hope you do well!



Omari Tahir-Garrett, Phyllis Porter, and Mark Solomon are running in District 2, and Shaun Scott is running in District 4.

The problem isn't that there aren't any black candidates, the problem is that The Stranger doesn't want to endorse any of them, which makes them less likely to win, which in turn lets The Stranger make the circular argument that none of them are "viable."


I expect they're planning to endorse Morales in D2, but why do you think they won't endorse Scott in D4? He's been getting pretty favorable coverage and seems like he's in their political wheelhouse.



Mainly because this article exists:

But you're right, it might just be laying the groundwork for a Scott endorsement.


We should have Council seats for specific identities eg disabled Honduran lesbian ...
We pay too much attention to values and competence and experience.


Why do we even give this click bait piece of shit the time of day? Do not make any comments and they are gone in six months. The Stranger knows it is true. Let's just stop making any comments and let them die. No comments means no advertisers.


@6 I see you ignored the midgets again, you bigot.

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