"Non-motorized?" Tell that to the dude on the e-bike doing 25 on the BGT while talking on his cellphone yesterday. This town is full of assholes.


This area is set and primed for someone to get crushed and killed. I was there recently, and I can for sure see it coming. After that it will be okay for the city to finish the "missing link" I bet.


City decided to do something about this open hazard only after they had an official body count:



When I lived in Ballard, I used to ride my non-motorized bike along this route anyway.

You guys have no guts.

And, no, it wasn't a fancy bike. And, yes, I rode from Ballard all the way to Redmond on the Burke-Gilman and local streets.


Ballard Terminal Railroad Company is not a working railroad, it's a hobby train funded to frustrate the need to restructure some of our critical public right-of-way. What a bunch of asshole the families that control the businesses in the area are. Not enough to have inherited wealth, also a need to cement their privilege for good.


Everybody loves a good, family-wage blue-color job in this town until it interferes with vital necessities like shaving 45 seconds off a bicycle commute. Maybe all those guys with dirty fingernails driving those cement trucks can get retrained as e-bike maintainers or some other bullshit.


Why the city didn't just move the route one block over to Ballard Ave is beyond me.
They could have done that a decade ago- and the B-G trail would have been finished.


@9 the part of the route described in this article is the green section on the map.

Judging from #8's tour de force in facetious, passive aggressive accusations of hypocrisy, you gotta figure a major aspect of the resistance here is Salmon Bay's cement trucks coming and going onto Leary. But there's a lot of other heavy truck traffic moving in and out of that industrial area along the water there. I used to live in the area and had regular near-death experiences from trucks turning left from Leary headed down that way - always watching for on-coming traffic, never for the hapless pedestrian crossing a side street.

City out to do something like put a single, properly controlled intersection for access to that area and close up the other entrances.


Remember, cement is just a climate-change-increasing version of concrete, something we built with for millenia, for buildings that are still standing, @8.

And it's literally killing sea life.


This is what this railroad is for. Not transporting stuff (that is already being delivered for a fraction of the price by barge) but for obstructing progress in that area and specifically the Burke Gilman Trail.
That railroad segment was abandoned for years and only revived so a couple old fucks could play life sized choo choo twain while giving the middle finger to everyone who lives in Ballard. Fuck them and fuck their toy train.


If crossing trucks over the Burke Gilman is such a hazard then why did Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel move most of their trucks to a yard in Fremont whose entrance crosses the Burke Gilman trail?


Honestly, given that the vast majority of the commuting traffic starts/ends east of here, I have always been a little chagrined about the time & $$ going into this end of the Burke. Seems to me that the major benefit of this is that you can ride to Golden Gardens rather than an actual useful commuter stretch (and yes, I am a bike commuter & have been for decades).

I kind of agree that there could have been a slightly different route some time ago. But then, there would have been a bunch of drivers all butt-hurt and complaining about whatever road got the bike lane.


Why do you feel the need to lie? The Ballard Terminal Railroad Company makes between 100 and 150 trips per year, mostly before sunlight, for Salmon Bay Gravel, not 30 per year and I am damn sure you know that.

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