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Seattle needs a flag it can be proud of. We're throwing a contest to find a new one.



Bruce Harrell, Margaret Pageler, Tim Burgess, were all Republicans.


You're ruining poor Jackkay's meager attempt at shoehorning his point into the thread.


Oh, and Chase? Semen doesn't fertilize anything. You're thinking of sperm.


I have to agree with the last part of @7,

"Half a Century of one Party rule allows the roots of corruption grow deep."

I've lived in enough deep South states that I've seen first hand what decades of pure republican rule has done--turned them into utter shit holes.

Colorado, where I recently lived, on the other hand, has pretty decent politics, and it may be because its government is split almost evenly between dems and repubs, who are FORCED to work together because they know if they don't, they really will be voted out.

I think there is something to be said for mixing things up.


Reminds me of the 1990 Goodwill Games logo...on Acid!


How do the Chicago and Amsterdam flags "Use meaningful symbolism. The flag’s images, colors or patterns should relate to what it symbolizes"?


Just hang a pair of shit stained hobo’s pants and be done with it.


you assholes know there's homeless in other cities, too, right? there's homeless shelters in fucking FORKS.


@13 no, those assholes think that everything should be compared to the Seattle they remember as children 50 years ago, a Seattle that is colored by their view from comparative privilege, their lack of political knowledge because they were kids and their parents had lived through a world war, a total economic crash, and another world war ending in the beginning of a terrifying nuclear showdown. Between the lead poisoning, spread of radiation, and life of existential dread, we are lucky "the greatest generation" survived, much less amplified the process of actually doing something okay for the earth instead of uniformly taking the attitude of the specific few trolls with nothing better to do than push their childhood angst on others who dare question whether the city should hope to be a good place for more than just sheltered white people with no sense of ethics or obligation to the larger world.

Speaking of assholes, city flags are something I assume every city has, but I can't remember seeing another one, am perfectly happy to have not seen and I think even with improvement it's still probably going to look pretty much like all the others, aka like ass. Why do we even care about a city flag? What other US city even has a flag that you can remember? Apparently the author thinks the flags modern sensibility should be replaced with an industrial civil war sensibility flag, probably because those were the only city flags that weren't just a city seal on some other color actually posted to the internet.

Oh, wait, it's the Stranger. Of course we are examining assholes.

I have lived in four other cities in four other states and couldn't tell you what any of their city flags (or adjoining city flags) looked like even a little bit. I'm not even sure I have seen a city flag, even in Boston. Honestly, we have a perfectly fine official seal and that's good enough.


Fun with Flags!


@14 Chicago's flag is flown all over that city. Same in D.C and NY City.
@10 Each star on the Chicago flag represents a major event that has shaped the city. I know one is for the Chicago Fire, one represents the fort that was there before the city grew around it and one is for the Worlds Fair. Picked that knowledge up on a 2 day visit.


@13: Of course. But it's never been this bad.
@14: Your sanctimonious pouting is inaccurate and disingenuous. You really think you're the only bleeding heart lib in the area?



This is a recent development, though. 25 years ago the only place you'd see Chicago's flag would be in a courtroom.


I’ll leave the design to others, but instead of fabric, it should be a flying sheet of lefse.


Chicago and Amsterdam's flags are BORING. So are all the rules in this article, except for no writing or seals - that should be a given. But why should a flag be able to be drawn by a child from memory? Why do flags always need to be basic shapes in overly bright primary colors?

You want good flags? Look at Game of Thrones. They're great color combinations, stylized images that a child could not draw from memory - much more elegant and original than a couple stars.


Fuck this contest! LEAVE THE FLAG AS IT IS!!!! IT DOESN'T NEED TO CHANGE!!!! now kiddies, go find something that's actually important to expend your energy on.


@16 or, to consider a far smaller city, Bellingham. I'm in the process of moving there and one thing that keeps catching my eye is the (relatively new) city flag. It's being flown, worn on clothing, on stickers on cars, etc. It's much more memorable than Seattle's awful flag design.


How about a flag of a human turd with a smooshed footprint alongside a syringe? That seems fitting these days.

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