Lester Black

Tim Burgess is getting seriously deceptive: Tim Burgess, a former council member and mayor, is currently blanketing the city with misleading and questionable mailers thanks to the nearly $300,000 he’s raised through his no-limit People for Seattle PAC. Last week, we reported on his deceptive mailers attacking Council Member Lisa Herbold and Council Member Kshama Sawant, but this week he’s in hot water with the police chief for a mailer his PAC is running in support of Mark Solomon. Burgess’s PAC put an image of Police Chief Carmen Best on a mailer implying that the chief supported Mark Solomon. Best took to SPD’s blog late last night to say that she had not endorsed anyone.

“I ask that all campaigns refrain from appropriating either my image or my words to imply any endorsement,” Best said.

Burgess hasn’t returned any of The Stranger’s calls this election season (so much for accountability and transparency) but he talked to KUOW and defended his deceptive mailers as accurate.

This 55-person hell is almost over: We are almost there, folks! Come Tuesday night we will finally reduce this massive pack of 55 city council candidates down to just 14. Only the top two vote-getters in each of the seven council district races will advance to the primary.

You need to hand in your ballot by Tuesday. Here are your three options: you can drop off your ballot at a drop box before 8 p.m. on Tuesday; you can slide it in your outgoing mailbox, but it needs to be postmarked by Aug. 6; or you can go to one of the county’s vote centers if you need assistance completing your ballot. If you’ve already voted, then you can check on the status of your ballot here.

Still not registered to vote? No worries! We now have same-day voter registration, which means you can head to any one of five different locations to both register and vote on election day.

How do I know who wins? If you want to track election night returns, then your best bet is to open up our blog, Slog, and hit refresh every three minutes. We’re sending nearly our entire staff to different campaign parties to report back on who is getting embarrassingly drunk, who has the best free food, and, I guess, who wins. You can also go to this link to get the actual vote results. King County Elections expects to post the first round of results shortly after 8 p.m. You can also watch the elections staff counting votes at this video live feed, if you’re into that kind of thing.

The Moms For Seattle saga continues: Last month a mysterious PAC raised over $150,000 in a matter of weeks and started supporting conservative candidates in the city council races. Who were these people, how were they organized, and what did they want out of the council? The PAC’s representatives wouldn’t talk, and their campaign consultants are using a weird string of shell companies, so Nathalie Graham got in her car and knocked on the doors of this PAC’s top donors. Most of them wouldn’t talk, but Nathalie was still able to document more than anyone else had about these mysterious funders.

Then Rich Smith was able to connect the dots on their political organization, breaking the news that local firm Strategies 360 was behind what looked like a Nevada-based shell company doing contract work for the Moms. You can hear Rich explain more of the story on KUOW. The “Moms” (keep in mind their second largest donor is a male) have still not responded to our requests for comment, but they did offer their opinion about us in a Facebook comment, which appears to be their primary mode of communication.

The moms digitally destroy playgrounds: The Moms PAC is a faction of the “Seattle is Dying” crowd, who share the belief that Seattle is becoming a cesspool of dirty syringes and trash. But it looks like the Mom’s weren’t actually able to document any of that activity. Instead, they decided to just Photoshop tents, trash, and graffiti onto photos of Seattle’s playgrounds, and then put those doctored images on mailers. Unfortunately, many of the voters who receive the doctored Moms for Seattle mailers probably don’t realize that they’re being lied to… by some “moms”.

Amazon’s PAC passes $1.1 million, labor drops $350,000: I’ve got an update on the last-minute infusions of cash to the no-limit independent expenditures. Spoiler alert: both big business groups and labor unions are spending massive amounts of money on this year’s City Council election in advance of Tuesday’s primary.

Amazon executives like Egan Orion: A dozen of the top executives at Amazon have personally donated to Egan Orion in District 3, who is the Chamber of Commerce backed candidate taking on socialist Council Member Kshama Sawant. It’s not clear if these executives, who include among their ranks former Obama spokesperson Jay Carney, love Orion that much or just have such deep disdain for Sawant. We’ll see Tuesday how many people in the district agree with these Amazon millionaires.

Did Rufo fuck up? Fox News guest and one-time council candidate Christopher Rufo is being investigated following a complaint filed against him at the state’s Public Disclosure Commission. After he dropped out of the election, Rufo donated $10,000 from his election fund to his own nonprofit, which he drew a $60,000 salary from in 2017. The complaint alleges that this violated the law. Rich has more details over here.