Alex, if you can't use your relationship with Burgess to get him to cut his shit out 100%, you are an ineffective politician. Let's see your moves.


Alex Pedersen is a phony.


Kinda funny writes as if Sawant voted for the SPD pay raises. The truth she was the only no vote.


@6: This is so typical for The Fabulous Boybun. Facts that don't fit (or facts that flatly refute) The Narrative are ignored, misrepresented or dismissed. It's rather fitting that Seattle's Most Ridiculous "Reporter" blindly supports its Most Ridiculous "Politician".


Unless Pedersen spoke out against Burgess's dirty methods when it mattered, this convenient after the facts distancing from gutter politics and corporate money is not very convincing. This should provide a good measure of the man's ethics.


The Stranger is a joke. Now that Hoffman is out, we can look forward to 3 months of trashing all the remaining non-Socialists. What fun!


The Stranger is a joke. Now that Hoffman is out, we can look forward to 3 months of dirt digging and trashing of all the remaining non-Socialist candidates. What fun!

Who needs a PAC when you have The Stranger to do all your dirty deeds. All the while hypocritically complaining about PACs "going negative." Gross.


It would be so refreshing if Seattle city council candidates took took the quest for public service seriously so that it would be appealing profession to our youth.


@9, @10, @11
Why is it that right wing reactionaries repeat themselves so much?


I saw Burgess, earlier this year, having some kind of sitdown with someone at Bauhaus in Ballard. I was wondering where I knew this vaguely familiar looking person from and he shot me a look of complete contempt. That's all I need to know about that jackass.


I'm looking forward to The Stranger's endorsed candidates pushing for more dirty needles in parks and even more homeless along I5!!


The Stranger endorsements make voting easy. Review and vote for the alternate candidate. We need leadership to bring people to the table to solve problems not a bunch of virtue signaling ideologies that are more interested in pushing an “pure” agenda than governing. Vote out Sawant and the other incumbents! They are the tea party of the left.



They have to state everything at least two times, so their own little pea-brains will retain it...

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