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And to Kruse, Anything That Is Not Conservative Is Plain Woke

This is an excellent view of the foundations of my civilization. Getty Images/ Alexandros Maragos



Has anyone who uses the word "woke" non-ironically actually been asked to define what that word means?


Uh oh. Poor Katie Herzog has been displaced as the rightwing racist shit bag's New Northwest Darling!


The thing is these "conservatives" are not actually conservative at all.

They're free spending anti-government radicals that h8 America with a passion, and worship their Fuhrer Putin and his Fascist propaganda teachings.


Lefties love to hang their excuse on the hook that woke is an undefined or nebulous term, when there are plenty of examples of wokeness that illustrate it perfectly and abundantly. For cringing examples, follow #LibsOfTicToc on Twitter, if you dare.


Big Oil doesn't throw soup on paintings, Charles.


@5, nope, big oil coats wildlife in crude.


You know, conservatives could use the word "liberal" or "leftist" or "left" or "Democrat" instead of the word "woke," they're almost always interchangeable, but there's SOME REASON they choose to use the word "woke." What could that reason be? Hmmm ... Hmmmmmmmm I'm really trying to put my finger on just WHAT it is about the word "woke" that tickles the fancy of conservative politicians and commentators. Hmmmmmm it is so hard to really just nail down, isn't it? Hmmmmmmm... it's like it's on the tip of my tongue .... hmmmmmmmmmm. What could it be .... hmmmmmm????? Gosh hmmmmmmm?????


I mean, the “anti-woke” army is catching the zeitgeist for something people are too ashamed to talk about. Unless we really talk about it, this beast will rattle around until we find ourselves in another January 6 moment, and worse. Dismiss at your own peril.


DeSantis officials finally had to define what they meant by it in court:

"Asked what “woke” means more generally, [Desantis’ General Counsel Ryan] Newman said “it would be the belief there are systemic injustices in American society and the need to address them.”"



@10 This "harmless, invisible gas" will quite likely put an end to human prosperity within this century. Climate scientists are trying to save that prosperity, not destroy it. The carbon curve is straight up and we know what happens to the planet when that happens. The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum. That climate disaster was the result of natural processes but the math is exactly the same.


I hadn't heard of Konstantin Kisin until about 15 minutes ago. I did watch the little video. Disregarding the woke vs. anti-woke silliness, he did say something that made sense.

"There is only one thing we can do in this country to stop climate change and that is to make scientific and technological breakthroughs that will create the clean energy that is not only clean but also cheap..."

Of course there are other things that we can do, but that's a big one. And, in places like Norway, China and America, we are making steady progress in that direction.


@12 Yep, if you don't care about the kids & grandkids, you're golden.
Oh, you may have misunderstood Greta.


Tuned out in the first 15 seconds after he said “one of the tenets of wokeness, of course, is that your feelings matter more than the truth.”

In my observation, that statement is overwhelmingly true not as a “tenet of wokeness,” whatever the fuck that is, but for the great masses of threatened white men, like this guy, who irrationally lash out at any suggestion that they bear any responsibility to alleviate the effects of systemic injustice. They’re triggered and terrified by the idea that systemic injustice even exists. Any suggestion of the need for self-reflection of any kind, in fact, is met with a derision that can only be the result of excess fear and emotional imbalance.

Another example of a conservative accusing others of that which he himself is guilty.


She would be irrelevant if The Stranger didn't spend needless ink calling her a "representative" of anything Seattle-related.


What's a Brandi Kruse? It sounds like one of those cocktails they used to serve at the Golden Lion at the Olympic Hotel.


@11 unfortunately the suggested cure by progressive of massive restrictions on power and logistics would kill millions of people much sooner than the gas. The only way this gets solved is through creating solutions not becoming luddites.


I watched the video. The guy made some good points, but none supported his thesis. C-minus. Lazy.


@19: Translation: He made some good points but they're threating to my ideology so I'll discount them.

@15: Systematic is one of those words that gives progressives an excuse to blame and pout. Think deeper.


Even lazier. F.


Someone named Brandi comments on an obscure Eastern European comedian, and Mudede writes and entire article criticizing this Brandi person.

Geez, The Stranger is becoming irrelevant. (and boring)


@17 Catalina darling, now that you mention it, I had one and it was fabulous. Puts Brandi Alexander to shame. Those were the days.


When people use the term woke in any fashion I just stop listening. It is the latest "Culture War" Shibboleth to "other" people.

As far as Climate Change death cult goes. It reminds me of the Born-Agains of the 1980's that were assured that end was just around the corner with their cataclysmic predictions about coming apocalypse. They curb fit their "facts" to fit their narrative in order to scare the hell out of you.
All their efforts simply outsource their pollution to another part of the world and economically benefits Russia, China, and the Middle East.

Perhaps they should be more focused on getting rid of ethanol which is requires more energy to produce and causes more destruction and focus using corn to produce compostable plastics to eliminate the microplastic disaster that is currently taking place.


"His "destruction of the woke worldview" at the Oxford Union Society might contain something I missed."
Yeah, no shit. The Oxford Union Society is right on my regular migration route. Would not miss it for the world.


I never heard of this Brandi Kruse. CM called her a representative. From which district?

Oh hell. I looked her up and she’s just another FOX attention hog. Who cares?

Charles, your incomplete story required me to actually view some FOX bullshit and I will never forgive you for that ugliness. Do better

People like her are not worth the data used.


@27 Does she really provide any new insights or is she simply parroting the same crap that 10,000 other pundits prattle on about? Is the only point to listen to her is to hear your own beliefs or to get hit of adrenaline by being scandalized by something where not all the facts are presented and trivial things are made important.
I don't need a weather person to tell what it is like outside when I can look out my window. So don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.


12 appears to be innumerate in addition to the usuall dishonesty.

The 12 year bi that was a timeline for action several years- based on modelling that showed exceptionally bad and irreversible consequences if nothing is done to reduce emissions.

Given the conditions in the Pacific Northwest over the past several years- record heatwaves, major spring floods and months of choking smoke, one woulth think that by now even Republicans might be thinking more seriously and childishly.


@29 I was told in the 1970s we would all be dead because the earth would be in another Ice Age and the earth would be over populated. It is a Climate Death Cult where every weather event is caused by Climate Change until it isn't, Where we are all going to die in a forever next 10 year period. Where if we repent and change our selfish and greedy ways will we be saved from damnation. Much of the "science" is garbage and someone is making money on the scams it creates. Giving money to a TV preacher is just as productive.

IN THE HOT, dry summer of 1895, virgin timber burned throughout the Pacific Northwest. For locals who only seven years before had witnessed the Great Seattle Fire that reduced 30 downtown blocks into piles of ash, the suffocating, brown pall must have evoked unpleasant memories.

On Aug. 13, when 59-year old Mark Twain (given name: Samuel Clemens) stepped onto Colman Dock, his eyes and throat were irritated by not only the smoke but also the ill effects of a rare cold.

Earlier, the chair of a reception committee had tendered profuse apologies: “I’m sorry the smoke is so dense that you cannot see our mountains and our forests.”

“I regret that your magnificent forests are being destroyed by fire,” replied Twain. “As for the smoke … I am accustomed to that. I am a perpetual smoker myself.”

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