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News Oct 31 5:01 PM

HoneyHole’s Owner Is Missing

Employees Are Unable to Run the Restaurant, and Some Remain Unpaid

Elections 2023 Oct 31 9:00 AM

City Council Candidate Bob Kettle Promoted Right-Wing Endorsements

A Trumper City Attorney, a Conservative Hooper, and GOP Chairman Jim Walsh’s Number One Fan

News Oct 30 2:06 PM

Delays Plague Workgroup Meant to Help Victims of Police Violence

A New Proposal Keeps the Ball Rolling, but Advocates Remain Skeptical 

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Elections 2023 Oct 27 9:00 AM

Nearly $1 Million Pours into Seattle Elections from Corporate “Neighbors”

Who Got Big Biz Money, Who Got Labor Money, Who Got Both, and Who Got Snubbed?

Elections 2023 Oct 25 9:00 AM

What Happens If Big Business Gets the Council It Wants?

Renter Protections Rot, Labor Enforcement Dwindles, Housing Production Nosedives, the Planet Burns Hotter–All for More Cop Pay

Forced Out Oct 23 9:26 AM

Forced Out

He Fled Florida’s Anti-Trans Laws Only to Run Head First into Seattle’s Affordability Crisis

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News Oct 20 9:00 AM

Seattle Reboots Its Drug War with No Plan and No Money to Scale Up Diversion

An Overstretched Criminal Legal System Braces to Absorb Hundreds of New Cases

News Oct 20 8:00 AM

New 2024 Budget Draft Just Dropped

Mosqueda’s Budget Stands Up to SOME of the Mayor’s Silliness

News Oct 18 1:40 PM

Washington, Your Congressional Delegation Loves War

Even Jayapal Does Not Get the Pro-Palestine Jews’ Stamp of Approval

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News Oct 17 3:15 PM

Mayor Tries Fun New Way to Plunder Funds Meant for Affordable Housing

Instead of Tweaking a Tax on Wealthy Corporations, He Wants the Council to Fight Over Scraps

News Oct 16 9:00 AM

As a Ground Invasion Looms, Thousands in Seattle Protest for a Free Palestine

Demonstrators Call on Federal and State Leaders to Cut Off Support for Israel’s War Machine

News Oct 13 9:31 AM

Planning to Fail

Unearthing the Original Sin of Urban Planning in Seattle

News Oct 12 9:41 AM

Seattle Considers Ways to Spread PTA Money Around More Fairly

The School Board Plans to Ask the District to Study Funding Streams and Curb Inequities

News Oct 11 1:24 PM

Don’t Let the City Destroy the Black Lives Memorial Garden

No, Parks and Rec, You Don’t Understand the Symbolic Meaning of the BLM Garden 

News Oct 9 10:38 AM

King County Considers Major Investment into Cultural Sector

The Small Sales Tax Bump Could Spread Badly Needed Educational Programming to Every Corner of the County

News Oct 6 1:00 PM

Hollow Earth Radio Finally Lands Its New Digs

And the New Nellis Records Will Open Right Next to It

Elections 2023 Oct 5 9:30 AM

Disabled Candidates Are Viable Candidates

ChrisTiana ObeySumner’s Council Campaign Keeps Pace in the Face of Ableism, Health Insurance Issues, and All These Damned Stairs

News Oct 4 9:00 AM

A Militia Adopted Three Highways in Washington

The State Says Federal and State Laws Tie Their Hands