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News Jun 14 1:23 PM

New Bill Would Update Seattle’s Process for Investigating Police Chiefs

The City Council wants to close a Jenny Durkan-sized loophole in the police accountability system.

News Jun 14 10:56 AM

The City and County Fund Could Give Childcare Workers About $800 Each

The one-time bonuses pale in comparison to proposed bonuses for cops

News Jun 10 12:00 PM

Washington Wants to Ban Assault Weapons

52% of people polled statewide said they "strongly" supported such a ban

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News Jun 7 4:50 PM

The Tiny Shelter Monopoly

Residents Want More Options and More Oversight Over Seattle’s Preferred Shelter Model

News Jun 3 3:21 PM

A Majority of U.S. Workers Now Support Unions

PayUp Passes, Washington Protects Outdoor Workers, and More Labor News

News Jun 2 5:11 PM

Did Our Last Mayor Commit a Felony?

It'd be nice if we knew. Here's why we don't.

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News Jun 1 3:22 PM

Pedersen Pisses Off Seattle Landlords

Is the rent too high? The City wants to know, but landlords don't want to say.

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News May 27 3:28 PM

New Hope for People with a Criminal Record in Washington

Check out this site to see if you're eligible

News May 26 10:30 AM

I Want to Live in a Society That Doesn’t Need Community Court

The program aims to break the cycle of poverty, but should that really be the legal system's job?

News May 24 10:00 AM

The Hunger Games of Housing

Social Workers Face a Supply and Demand Crisis for Emergency Shelter and Permanent Housing