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Queer Issue 2024 Jun 12 3:04 PM

Out of This World

Forming the SassyBlack Universe

Theater Apr 3 12:53 PM

Touring Musical Hairspray Will Leave You Bubbly

Despite Some Sound Issues, We Were Won Over by John Waters’s Story and the Adaption’s Irreverent, Infectious Fun

Solaris Is About a Black Woman

Will Book-It Repertory Theatre’s Adaptation Catch What Others Have Missed?

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Save Seattle Music Nov 14 1:53 PM

Posse on Broadway

The First Draft Program at 5th Avenue Theatre Seeks to Transform Musical Theater

Theater Sep 23 2:03 PM

A Broadway Show for the Boomers

The Cast of The Griswolds’ Broadway Vacation Elevates the Show above the Script

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Stranger Suggests Jul 25 11:17 AM

Class Up Your Summer with Shakespeare

For the Low Price of Free, Get all the Exeunting You Can Stand!

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Theater Mar 10 12:00 PM

At Last, a "Return to Togetherness"

Don't miss 600 Highwaymen's "A Thousand Ways (Part Three)" at On the Boards during its final weekend.

Theater Jan 31 10:30 AM

The 5th Returns from Its COVID Hiatus with a Stellar Beauty and the Beast

Also, there are new seats in the theater! They're firm and supportive!

Theater Nov 15 10:30 AM

Lots of Safety Precautions Going Into Holiday Shows This Year

What's it like to put on a holiday show this year? Risky but worthwhile, says Scott Shoemaker.