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Eat with Your Eyes

Capitol Hill’s FoodArt Collection Auction Looks Soooooo Appetizing

What Is Afrofuturism?

For Ruth E. Carter, It Informs Design. But What Does it Mean?

An Enigma at Method Gallery

Stella Bronson contorts mattress toppers into familiar, organic shapes

Visual Art Jun 13 10:06 AM

The Monorail That Could Have Been

In the ’90s, Seattleites Tried to Expand the Monorail—and Failed

Stranger Suggests Jun 7 8:59 AM

Stevie Shao’s Metamorphosis

The Seattle artist’s new solo show opens at Get Nice Gallery on Saturday.

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Visual Art Jun 3 2:20 PM

A Water Goddess at the International Arrivals Facility

Marela Zacarías pays tribute to our water-blessed region with her airport-bound sculpture, "Chalchiuhtlicue."

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