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News Oct 26 12:28 PM

Eyebrow-Raising City Council Budget Items

Enforcing Workers Rights, Sorta Copying the Social Housing Initiative, and Worrying About Low-Income and LGBTQ White Kids

News Oct 19 5:05 PM

The County Canceled the SODO Shelter Expansion and No One Is Happy

Not Only Did the County Back Down from Its Strong Anti-NIMBY Stance, It Didn’t Even Please the Protesters

City Oct 14 1:38 PM

All Aboard! Station Space Coming to King Street Station

Cultural Space Agency's Latest Project Brings Youth Arts to the Historic Building

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News Oct 4 4:23 PM

Magnolia’s Unwitting Hero

How One Redistricting Enthusiast May Change Seattle’s Voting Boundaries for a Decade

News Sep 27 5:52 PM

Very Little for Progressives in Mayor Harrell's 2023-2024 Budget

It Refunds SPD, Underinvests in Ending Pedestrian Deaths, But It’s Like 80% There on the Green New Deal

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Film/TV Sep 21 3:59 PM

Smell That? It's the Sweet Smell of Seattle's New Film Commission

The City Council Passed the Milestone Legislation Yesterday

News Sep 9 11:03 AM

The September Squeeze

Council Prioritizes Cannabis Equity, Abortion Protections, Police Alternatives, and Film Incentives Ahead of Budget Negotiations

News Aug 29 9:00 AM

Black Business Groups, Unions Split Over Cannabis Equity Task Force

Guess Which Council Members Side with Which Interest Groups

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Economy Aug 26 3:26 PM

Why I’ve Found It Hard to Destroy the New Wasp Nest Beneath My Bedroom Window

On the Ineffable Allure of Industrious Paper Wasps

Film/TV Aug 16 3:43 PM

Seattle Wants to Look Sexier to Film Productions

Getting Our Own Commission Could Help

City Aug 10 5:05 PM

Guerrilla Gardening Enters Seattle’s War on the Homeless

Welcome to the Age of the Green Deterent

News Aug 9 5:07 PM

Seattle Continues Shoring Up Abortion Protections Post-Roe

The Laws Are Useful, Despite Nonsense from Right-Wing Commenters

News Aug 4 11:45 AM

Racial Equity Advocates Like Seattle’s Newly Proposed Political Boundaries. Magnolia Residents Do Not.

Splitting “Historically Important” Magnolia Could Weaken Conservative Political Power

News Jul 15 12:29 PM

Seattle City Council Puts Ranked-Choice Voting on Ballot

Come November, We'll Vote on How We Want to Vote

News May 26 10:30 AM

I Want to Live in a Society That Doesn’t Need Community Court

The program aims to break the cycle of poverty, but should that really be the legal system's job?