Stranger Suggests

One Really Great Thing to Do Every Day of the Week

Stranger Suggests Sep 16 10:23 AM

Show Tunes Sing-Along Night Makes Its Grand Return to the Lumber Yard

"It's time to tryyyyy defyyyying gravity! I think I'll tryyyy defyyyying gravity! And you can't pull me down!"

Stranger Suggests Sep 14 10:35 AM

Here Comes a Hot Culture Injection

Free Museum Day is Saturday! (No, you do not get to keep the museum.)

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Stranger Suggests Sep 7 2:02 PM

Get Lost in Tomo Nakayama's Dazzling Dance Pop

Nakayama kicks off his West Coast tour Thursday night at The Triple Door

Stranger Suggests Sep 7 9:49 AM

Unstreamable Returns! In Person!?!?

The series of rare and weird cinema includes screenings of All That Jazz and The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

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Stranger Suggests Sep 6 3:29 PM

Don't Miss Tomorrow's Episode of Reservation Dogs

Burien Rapper Travis Thompson Has a Guest Role on the Hit FX Show

Stranger Suggests Sep 6 1:30 PM

What’s Better Than Disco? Disco on a Bike.

Bright colors, flashing lights, and good vibes only

Stranger Suggests Sep 1 4:10 PM

Adult Spelling Bee Casts Its Spell in West Seattle

Show How Smart You Are Every Friday at Skylark

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Stranger Suggests Aug 23 4:31 PM

Celebrate the Last Days of Summer at SAM Remix

And Maybe Learn About Bats While You're At It 🦇

Stranger Suggests Aug 17 11:15 AM

Take Your Pick of Scavenger Hunts This Weekend

With Two Chances to Search for Treasure, You Can Choose Your Own Adventure

Stranger Suggests Aug 15 12:12 PM

Happy 115th Birthday to Pike Place! Here’s a Doughnut.

It’s Always a Good Time for Free Pastry!

Stranger Suggests Aug 15 11:15 AM

Skate Like a Girl Brings Its Inclusive Ethos to the Waterfront

The Organization Is Turning Pier 62 into a Giant Skatepark

Stranger Suggests Aug 9 3:28 PM

Bound to Fall in Love

SIFF Is Screening the Wachowskis' Lesbian Masterpiece for Auteur August

Stranger Suggests Aug 3 2:17 PM

KEXP Has Been the Coolest Radio Station for Half of a Century

Celebrate with Them at KEXP50 This Saturday 📻

Stranger Suggests Aug 3 12:49 PM

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! It's Renaissance Faire Time!

Go Suck on a Turkey Bone in Bonney Lake