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Play Date May 18 8:00 AM

Play Date: Striking Out with Strangers on the Leftovers Softball Team

This Team Full of Enthusiastic Strangers-Turned-Friends Drives a Stake Through the Heart of the Seattle Freeze

Sports May 7 12:00 PM

Today's Stranger Suggests: Cheer on the Kraken in the Stanley Cup Playoffs

One Really Great Thing to Do Every Day of the Week

Sports May 2 1:25 PM

You’re a Hockey Town Now, Seattle

But You Already Knew That, Didn’t You

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Food & Drink Mar 30 10:10 AM

I Gave Myself Indigestion at T-Mobile Park So You Can, Too

Stress-Eat Hot Dog-Shaped Pizza, Cheese Ice Cream, and a Stoner-Food Favorite at Mariners Games This Season

Sports Feb 9 2:03 PM

How Yeet It Is

The Seattle Kraken Are Winning, Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Jump on the Bandwagon

Sports Nov 25 5:40 PM

The Madness of Nationalism Celebrated at the World Cup

Just Something to Think About While You Watch Soccer This Weekend

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Sports Nov 1 12:45 PM

Creator of Flaming Tetherball Wants to Bring His Pyrotechnic Sport to the Masses

After All, It’s a Lot More Exciting to Watch than Baseball

Sports Oct 11 10:57 AM

Big Dumper and the Electric Factory: A Mariners Glossary

My Mariners-Loving Nephews Tell Me All the Mariners Lingo I Need to Know

Sports Mar 11 1:20 PM

Russell Wilson and His Seahawks

A personal appreciation.

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News Apr 23 4:55 PM

Seattle Punk Bar Tells NHL to Fuck Off

What's more punk than suing a $4.4 billion sports league over the name of a sea monster?