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War May 14 4:43 PM

War, Gaza Strip, and the Communicability of Pain

Everyone Should be Capable of Imagining Palestinians' Suffering–Here’s Why Some Can't

War Nov 9 11:53 AM

Hamas' October 7 Attack Discovered Panopticonism in the Age of AI

People Assume Someone Is Always Watching, Hamas Proved No One Was There

War Oct 31 10:00 AM

This Is Total War

There's Nothing New About Bombing Civilians

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War Aug 4 2:05 PM

We Should Not Sweep the Homeless from Our Streets, and We Should Not Scrub the Blue Angels from Our Skies

The Suffering Our Rich Society Deliberately Throws onto Its Streets Does Not Go Away When It’s Out of Sight

War Aug 3 4:02 PM

The Blue Angels Are Here and I... Don't Hate It?

Did You Hear That? That's the Sound of Summer In Seattle. I've Missed It.

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Film/TV Mar 2 3:00 PM

We're Still Fighting Agent Orange

The directors of The People vs. Agent Orange talk about the new, historic legal fights captured in their documentary

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