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Guest Rant Mon 10:00 AM

Bill to Reduce Solitary Confinement Stalls

Advocates Vow to Continue the Fight

News Jul 28 10:20 AM

Capitol Hill Shows Up for ‘Strippers Are Workers’ Campaign

The Movement to Improve Club Conditions Survives, Gears Up for Another Fight

News May 17 8:00 AM

Washington’s War on Drugs Starts Up Again in July

Democrats Basically Gave Republicans Everything They Wanted–Even a New Crime!

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News May 16 9:00 AM

Washington to Paper Over Drug War with Some Treatment Money

Progressives Aren’t Enthusiastic About Draft Bill, Republicans Won Concessions

News May 5 9:30 AM

Progressive Democrats Want to Compromise on a New Drug Law

But Centrists May Want Bipartisan Cover More than Evidence-Based Policy

News May 1 5:13 PM

Inslee to Set Date for Special Session on Drug Possession Law

Washington Lawmakers Still Divided on Path Forward

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News May 1 9:00 AM

Here's What Happened in Olympia

The Stranger's Rundown of the Exhilarating and Yet Hugely Disappointing 2023 Legislative Session

News Apr 26 2:19 PM

No Clear Path Toward Criminalizing Drugs in Washington

Lawmakers May Let Local Drug Laws Reign Until 2024

News Apr 24 8:00 AM

Olympia Shatters Plan to Reboot Its War on Drugs

A Progressive Revolt and Republican Recalcitrance Tanked the Bill on the Last Day of Sesssion

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News Apr 21 10:36 AM

“We Are Continuing the War on Drugs”

Washington Democrats Set to Levy Harsher Punishments for Drug Possession

News Mar 30 9:00 AM

Democrats Kill Bill to Legalize Alcohol in Strip Clubs

Dancers Say the Bill Would Have Added Protections, Improved Safety

News Mar 13 3:13 PM

Washington Senate Wants to Punish the Addiction Out of People

Health Expert Says the Policy Sets Up People for Failure

News Mar 10 1:41 PM

Cops Have a Need for Deadly Speeds

A Bill to Relax Police Chase Restrictions Remains Unpopular in the House