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Olympia Mar 27 11:00 AM

New Law Requires More Inclusive School Curricula in Washington

Lessons to Include Contributions from LGBTQ People and People of Color

Elections 2024 Mar 14 8:07 AM

Shaun Scott Is Running for the State House

So Long, Chopp. Hello, Scott!

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News Mar 8 9:00 AM

Washington Legislature Passes Stealthing Bill

Victims Will Be Able to Sue Their Abusers for Up to $5,000 Per Offense

Queer Mar 6 9:00 AM

LGBTQ Advocates Are Ready to Fight the Parents’ Bill of Rights

Experts Still Don’t Know How It’ll Be Implemented

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Olympia Mar 1 9:00 AM

Washington Wants More Deadly Police Chases, and Lawmakers Say OK!

Misinformation About Rapists Escaping Cops Rallies the Public Around Fast and Furious Policing

Olympia Feb 29 11:37 AM

Why State Democrats Might Pass an Income Tax Ban

I-2111 Won’t Change the State Tax Structure, but It Could Change Who Gets Elected in 2024

Olympia Feb 28 12:08 PM

Washington Passes Strippers’ Bill of Rights

The Proposal Effectively Allows Alcohol in Strip Clubs and Repeals Lewd Conduct Codes Used to Raid Gay Bars

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News Feb 26 6:11 PM

Senate Democrats Stiff Renters for the Third or Fourth Time, It's Honestly Difficult to Keep Track

If Your Rent Goes Up More than 7% Soon, then Blame These Democratic Senators

Olympia Feb 22 9:00 AM

Seattle's LGBTQ Communities Demand Rent Stabilization

Sen. Jamie Pedersen Has One Job: Get This Bill Over the Finish Line

News Feb 14 10:50 AM

Washington State House Passes Rent Stabilization Bill

Consider Encouraging Your Senator to Support the Proposal This Weekend at a Town Hall Near You

News Feb 7 12:25 PM

Conservative Senate Democrats Stiff Renters Yet Again

As the Movement to Restrict Rent-Gouging Grows, Key Senate Democrat Blocks Progress

News Feb 6 9:00 AM

Prominent LGBTQ+ Community Members Call for Alcohol in Strip Clubs

It Just Doesn't Make Sense to Allow Nudity Around Alcohol but Not Alcohol Around Nudity

News Jan 30 4:08 PM

Council President Sara Nelson Opposes Effort to Increase Voter Turnout

“Greater Turnout Doesn’t Necessarily Mean a Better-Informed Public,” She Said 

News Jan 16 12:47 PM

The Stranger’s 2024 Bill Tracker

Are Lawmakers in Olympia Passing Laws About You Right Now? Read This List to Find Out.