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Food & Drink Fri 4:08 PM

Lost Cat

Vito's Is on the Hunt for Stolen Cougar Taxidermy

News Thu 10:48 AM

King County Sucks at Tackling Organized Retail Theft

We’ve Bagged Foot Soldiers but No Kingpins

News Nov 9 4:04 PM

Two Children Held in Jail in Connection with Ingraham High School Shooting

One Suspected Shooter, One Allegedly Found with the Shooter's Gun

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News Jul 7 12:47 PM

City Attorney’s Focus on “High Utilizers” Helps No One

One Case Reveals a Solution in Search of a Problem

News May 27 3:28 PM

New Hope for People with a Criminal Record in Washington

Check out this site to see if you're eligible

News May 26 10:30 AM

I Want to Live in a Society That Doesn’t Need Community Court

The program aims to break the cycle of poverty, but should that really be the legal system's job?

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News Mar 4 10:14 AM

The People of 3rd and Pine

We’ve heard from everyone in the city about the troubled intersection – except for the people who make a living there.

Crime Feb 2 12:55 PM

Georgetown Jogger Chases Her Attacker Down, Gets Him Arrested

Conservative news connected this Georgetown attack to homelessness, but the truth is more complicated.