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Animals Jul 5 2:21 PM

Why Do Dog Owners Hate July 4th So Much?

The Noise Is Fine for Humans, but for Dogs It Is a Living Nightmare

Animals May 26 9:33 AM

Evan Peters Is the Motley Zoo Pup of the Month

The 1-Year-Old Retriever Mix Loves Other Dogs, Cats, and YOU!

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Animals Apr 25 8:00 AM

Gerard "Baby G" Way Is the Motley Zoo Pup of the Month

This 9-Month-Old Malinois Wants to Cover You With Kisses

Animals Apr 14 10:30 AM

Why Vampires Like Me Are Loving This Cold April

What Kind of Vampire am I? I Will Explain.

Animals Mar 24 10:23 AM

Carole Is the Motley Zoo Pup of the Month

Meet the 2-Year-Old Husky Mix Looking for Her Forever Home

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Animals Mar 13 3:00 PM

Motley Zoo Is Saving Local Animals One Rockstar at a Time

You Could Adopt the Cat Who Met Snoop Dogg

News Sep 21 9:30 AM

Animal Rights Activists Oppose Seattle’s Proposed Shark Jail

Maybe We Could Use the Millions for Housing Instead?

Animals Jun 28 9:30 AM

How Can You Be a Liberal and Light a Firework This Year?

SCOTUS Gives Americans Far Fewer Freedoms to Celebrate

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Books Mar 14 3:25 PM

The United States Should Have a Turkey on Its Great Seal

Just think about it. We did while reading The Bald Eagle: The Improbable Journey of America's Bird.

Film/TV Mar 7 4:20 PM

All Cats Are Aliens

It's true. The sci-fi horror movie The Cat explains why.