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News Mar 21 12:13 PM

The Parents Don’t Want Shelter. They Want Sweeps.

Pressure Mounts to Shelter 14 Unhoused People under the Ship Canal Bridge before April

News Mar 6 9:00 AM

Converting Offices Into Housing Isn’t About Housing

It’s About “Reactivating” Downtown, Says Chief Council Booster

News Feb 14 9:00 AM

Seattle Mayor and Majority of Council Mum on Social Housing

The People Potentially Responsible for Funding the Program Don’t Want to Talk About It

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State of the State 2023 Jan 12 12:24 PM

Ambitious Housing Reform Has a Real Shot This Year

Years Into a Housing Crisis, the State Might Let Us Build More Places to Live This Year!

News Jan 6 12:52 PM

Seattle’s Winter Eviction Protection Needs a Fix

Though Lawyers Hardly Use the Defense, It’s Still Key in Extreme Circumstances

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News Nov 17 10:54 AM

Seattle’s Unhoused Feel Unheard in the City’s Budget Process

They Demand Safe Lots and an End to Sweeps, but They Don’t Think They’ll Get It

News Nov 7 9:00 AM

Seattle’s Left Pressures Council to Cut Funding for Cops and Sweeps

Recent Protests at City Hall Featured Ghost Cops, Dancing, and Bloody Brooms

News Oct 6 12:09 PM

Strauss Now Determined to Make Design Review Reforms Permanent

The Reforms Streamlined Seattle’s Ridiculously Long Housing Construction Process

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News Sep 15 4:52 PM

Chinatown Protests “Homelessness Megaplex”

The Shelter Expansion Will Alleviate Visible Homelessness, County Says

News Sep 14 10:04 AM

Seattle Warms Up to Democratically Run Homeless Shelters

After Years of Struggle, Agencies and Nonprofits Give Up the Fight Against Self-Management

News Aug 26 9:00 AM

Aurora Ave Sweep Slowed but Not Stopped

After a Fight, Seattle Gives Campers More Time to Move, More Shelter Referrals

News Aug 22 11:26 AM

What Will They Do with His Garden?

Imminent Sweep Destabilizes Found Family at Aurora Encampment

News Jul 22 9:00 AM

Governor Inslee Created a Slush Fund for Sweeps

But We Don’t Have to Use It Like One

News Jul 6 10:51 AM

Seattle Won't Make Landlords Disclose Rent Gouging

The City Council Sustains Mayor’s Pro-Landlord Veto

News Jun 22 3:43 PM

A Photo-Finish for Seattle’s Social Housing Initiative

Last-Minute Paid Signature Gatherers May Have Saved HON’s Ass

Elections 2022 Jun 17 9:19 AM

What’s The Difference Between Candidates in the 36th Legislative District?

Zoning! And Also One Guy Likes Cops, But Mostly ZONING!