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News Mar 21 11:29 AM

Target of “Landlord Lives Matter” Protest Speaks Out About Bullying Amid Eviction Case

Landlord Claims Tenant Is Exploiting the System, Tenant Says He’s Going Through the Proper Legal Channels

Economy Jan 4 11:15 AM

Seattle Should Be Proud That It Has the Country's Highest Minimum Wage

But It’s Still Not Enough for Most People to Make Ends Meet

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Housing Nov 29 3:27 PM

Many Blame Last Night’s Rainier Mall Fire on the Homeless

Because It’s Far Easier to Hate Those Who Have Nothing than Those Who Have Everything

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Housing Sep 11 3:45 PM

White People Don't Need Safe Seattle; Black People Need Black Legacy Homeowners Network

The Seattle-Based Project Was Started by Local Activist Chukundi Salisbury

City Aug 30 3:54 PM

The Problem with Proving, Again and Again, That Seattle and Portland Are Not Dying

When the Left and Right Keep Debating, the Real Causes of the Homeless Crisis Are Never Addressed

News Aug 1 5:27 PM

Seattle City Council Kills Rent Control Trigger Law

For Fear of Stifling Development, City Council Stifles Anti-Capitalist Rent Control

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News Jul 24 1:43 PM

Landlord-Lovers on Council Committee Reject Sawant’s Rent Control Trigger Law

Andrew Lewis Cannot Resist Voting Against Renters

News Jul 18 9:00 AM

A Vacancy Tax Won't Save Seattle, but Council Candidates Say It's Worth a Shot

The Tax Would Need to Survive a Court Challenge, Though

News Jul 11 1:02 PM

Seattle Democrats Snub Sawant After Request to Endorse Rent Control Trigger Law

More Evidence Showing That State Democrats Care More About Niceties Than Helping People

News Jul 6 2:43 PM

The City Sweeps SODO Ahead of All-Star Game

Surely These Sweeps Are About Real Shelter Connections and Not Impressing Tourists?

Housing May 23 4:00 PM

Seattle's Resistance to Density, Explained

And Why HB 1110 Won't Lower the Cost of Living in Seattle

News May 16 2:38 PM

Why Did Marc Dones Resign?

Sources Say It’s Been a Long Time Coming

News Apr 6 2:14 PM

Seattle Needs 112,000 New Units of Housing. Here’s How We Can Get 3,000

Don’t Let the “Sticker Shock” Get to Ya!

News Mar 21 12:13 PM

The Parents Don’t Want Shelter. They Want Sweeps.

Pressure Mounts to Shelter 14 Unhoused People under the Ship Canal Bridge before April