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Food & Drink Mar 30 4:00 AM

The Time My Family Ordered a Whole Fried Catfish at Rainier Restaurant and BBQ

The smallest catfish they had was five pounds. Their "secret" menu also includes meats like python and alligator.

Food & Drink Mar 30 4:00 AM

Amazon Is Giving Its Downtown Employees a World of Restaurant Choices—Will the Rest of the City Show Up to Eat?

The food options at Sixth and Lenora now include Mamnoon Street, Anar, Bar Noroeste, Great State Burger, Marination, and Skillet Regrade. With more to come.

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Food & Drink Mar 30 4:00 AM

I'm Sick of People Complaining About All These New Restaurants

What is a city if not full of businesses like this? Restaurants and bars are not just about places to eat and drink. They’re about culture, chance encounters, opportunities to disappear, and finding people to have sex with.

Food & Drink Mar 30 4:00 AM

No Food Means More to Me Than the Frites at Cafe Presse

How the kitchen makes them, and why they matter to me.

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Pullout Oct 14 4:00 AM

The Politics and Cultishness of Hops

In Seattle's Craft Beer Scene, Hop Varieties Inspire Rabid Devotion

Food & Drink Oct 13 4:00 AM

Seattle's Other Coffee Culture

In Ethiopian Coffee Ceremonies, Beans Are the Medium for Building Community

Food & Drink Apr 1 4:00 AM

West Seattle Neighborhood Crawl

Where High Fidelity Brunch Meets “Super Japanese” Sushi: A Guide to West Seattle’s Best Eateries