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Guest Rant Dec 12 9:30 AM

Seattle Is Ignoring Major Support for Social Housing

A Key Agency Didn’t Mention the Policy in Its Latest Report

Guest Rant Dec 5 3:23 PM

Seattle's Freedom Caucus

Pedersen and Nelson Have Abandoned Governance for Theater

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Guest Rant Nov 21 9:00 AM

Removing Vacant Police Positions in Seattle’s Budget Is Good Fiscal Stewardship

Don’t Buy into Fearmongering from Council Conservatives

Guest Rant Nov 9 9:09 AM

$19 Is the New $15: Lessons from Tukwila’s Minimum Wage

Now’s the Time to Raise the Wage Floor Across King County

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Guest Rant Nov 4 11:37 AM

The Seattle Times Picked the Wrong Prosecutor

And, Yes, We Are Offended by Their Possible Dog Whistle

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Guest Rant Oct 26 2:09 PM

Leesa Manion Offers the Truest Version of Public Safety

She'll Do Justice, Not Just Win Cases

Guest Rant Oct 10 10:25 AM

Washington Needs to Tax Empty Homes

And Its Cities Should, Too

Guest Rant Oct 5 10:17 AM

Seattle Needs Real Democracy Reform

Support Ranked-Choice Voting This November

Guest Rant Sep 13 10:30 AM

What It Feels Like to Have Your Voting Rights Restored

If You're One of the 20,000 Who Got Their Voice Back, Then Join Me in Registering to Vote

Guest Rant Sep 12 9:30 AM

Nondrivers Are the Future

Try a Week Without Driving from Sept 19-25

Guest Rant Aug 31 10:43 AM

Airport Service Workers Deserve a Living Wage

That's Why I'm Supporting the Good Jobs for Good Airports Act