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News Jun 29 9:00 AM

Seattle’s “Police Alternative” Pilot Includes Police

Program Leaders Hope to See the Program Evolve Beyond the “Dual Dispatch” Model

News Jun 15 1:08 PM

Prosecutors Consider Charges Against SPD Officer Who Struck and Killed Pedestrian in January

The Officer Killed the 23-Year-Old College Student as She Crossed a Crosswalk

Pride 2023 Jun 12 9:47 AM

Cops Trolled Pride Last Year and Got Away With It

Capitol Hill Pride Is Banning Officers Again This Year

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News May 31 9:15 AM

Federal Judge “Proud” of Seattle Police Department, Appears Ready to Remove Most Oversight

Familiy of Those Killed by Police Reject Judge’s Reformed SPD Narrative

Cops May 26 2:40 PM

KUOW and Seattle Times Overstate Problems with Juvie Diversion Programs

More Copaganda Under the Guise of “Accountability”

News May 1 9:30 AM

New Police Pursuit Law Requires Less Evidence to Give Chase

But Cops Won’t Stop Until They Can Chase a Stolen Car into a Tree

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News Apr 13 9:00 AM

Abolitionists and Reformers Agree on Something!

The Consent Decree Sucks, and It's Time to End It

News Mar 10 1:41 PM

Cops Have a Need for Deadly Speeds

A Bill to Relax Police Chase Restrictions Remains Unpopular in the House

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State of the State 2023 Jan 10 4:45 PM

Washington's Next Police Reform Battle

Ending Qualified Immunity Won't Be Easy, but It's Necessary

Cops Jan 6 5:06 PM

After Months, SPD Finally Responds to Allegations of Serial Sexual Assault

What Does It Take to Get Them to Pick Up the Phone?

News Dec 22 12:54 PM

Meet the Best Cops in Seattle

Seattle's Office of Labor Standards Has Recovered $7.5 Million for Workers This Year

Cops Dec 15 1:26 PM

What's Driving the Decrease in Crime Downtown?

City Leaders Offer Competing Explanations

News Nov 21 3:49 PM

A “Debate about Nothing”

The Meaningless Fight about Where to House Seattle's Parking Cops Is Over ... for Now

News Nov 15 1:07 PM

Budget Crunch Forces Compromise on Seattle's Public Safety Budget

City Council, Mayor Largely Agree on Police Funding

News Nov 7 9:00 AM

Seattle’s Left Pressures Council to Cut Funding for Cops and Sweeps

Recent Protests at City Hall Featured Ghost Cops, Dancing, and Bloody Brooms

News Nov 3 12:32 PM

SPD’s Million-Dollar Parking Space

Lawsuit Shows Seattle Police Department Poisoning Patrol Officers

News Oct 25 9:30 AM

Jim Ferrell's "Unserious" Solution to Federal Way's Fentanyl Problem

Doubling Down on Criminalizing Addiction Yields Zero Results