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A Guided Tour of a Punching Bag That an Indigenous Sculptor Turned into Art

Jeffrey Gibson's works are on view at Seattle Art Museum through May 12.

Cool Art, Hilarious Interruptions, and Live Drag Competitions

A few trends we've noticed in the last few months.

Sierra Nelson's Bioluminescent Poetry

She also curates a spring variety show dedicated to the octopus, squid, chambered nautilus, and cuttlefish.

Art and Performance Mar 13 4:00 AM

A Play at Seattle Rep Brings Nina Simone Back to Life

The bombing of black girls made the jazz singer a radical.

Art and Performance Mar 13 4:00 AM

A Bold and Inspiring New Venue for Innovative Music

Seattle Symphony's new Octave 9 space will showcase a dazzling array of multidisciplinary performances.

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