Art and Performance Winter 2019

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Things To Do Dec 6 4:00 AM

The Best Things To Do in Seattle: Winter 2019/2020

Picks from Seattle Art and Performance for December 9–March 15

Things To Do Dec 4 4:00 AM

The Best Art Shows in Seattle: Winter 2019/2020

Our Critics' Picks for December 9–March 15

Charles Mudede Dec 4 4:00 AM

Black American Rideshare

August Wilson's Jitney reveals working-class blacks discovered the Uber economy.

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Anatomy of a Sculpture

The Weaver's Welcome and the symbols and motifs that inspired it.

Art and Performance Dec 4 4:00 AM

The Bachelor, Unedited

I can't wait to see the live stage version of the reality TV shitshow.

Charles Mudede Dec 4 4:00 AM

The Music That Transforms Me into a Merman

Although I'm an atheist, I believe in the God in Fauré's Requiem.

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Rich Smith Dec 4 4:00 AM

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Korean Genius

E.J. Koh's memoir The Magical Language of Others is a moving meditation on inherited trauma.

Dave Segal Dec 4 4:00 AM

I Heard God in a Grain of Sound

A few thoughts about the minimalist-music deity Terry Riley.