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Food & Drink Apr 4 1:00 PM

A Decadent Tip for Eating at Hattie's Hat

Bring a hair tie cuz this one's sloppy.

Food & Drink Feb 2 3:00 PM

Eat This Meatpile, Seattle

Tres’ House of Cheesesteaks serves yummy, sloppy, love on (and off) a bun.

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Food & Drink Nov 10 1:45 PM

Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Eat Ballard Market’s meatloaf bruschetta sandwich in your car during a rainstorm.

Food & Drink Oct 20 12:00 PM

Okay, You Were Right, Mean Sandwich Makes a Mean Sandwich

"The Fish" tastes like Spain on a bun. Delicious, brilliant, and weird as hell.

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Food & Drink Sep 1 9:45 AM

Everyone Is Losing Their Mind Over This Lobster Roll in Edmonds... and, I Mean, Rightfully

The Market in Edmonds—shortly to open at SAM as well—has the most talked-about sandwich in town.

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Food & Drink Aug 4 12:25 PM

You Need a Cemita!

Pick one up at Cemitas Poblanas. (You know the food is gonna be good when the restaurant's name is just the name of the thing they serve.)

Food & Drink Jul 7 10:45 AM

Picnic Like Some Kind of Renaissance King with the Prime Rib Sandwich from Leschi Market

If you eat beef, you need this sandwich inside of your body.

Food & Drink Jun 23 9:45 AM

Sub Missives: A New Stranger Column About Sandwiches!

Ken’s Market has a giant library of cheap, quick, luscious sandwiches that wait for you.