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Elections 2022 Sep 23 9:00 AM

Want to Have Dinner with an Insurrectionist?

The King County Republicans Can Hook You Up

Elections 2022 Sep 22 4:11 PM

Defense Attorneys Say Harsh Sentencing Decision Reveals Judge's Bias

Judge Eisenberg's Alleged Use of a "Trial Tax" Draws Criticism Amid Reelection Campaign

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Elections 2022 Sep 2 1:37 PM

Seattle’s Presiding Judge Defends Slow but Steady Progress

Adam Eisenberg Promotes Domestic Violence Diversion Program in Reelection Bid

Elections 2022 Sep 1 12:32 PM

Pooja Vaddadi Wants to Heal Seattle’s Traumatic Court System

Judicial Candidate Aims to Stop the Court’s “Pattern of Abuse”

Elections 2022 Aug 25 4:07 PM

Progressives Unite Behind Manion for King County Prosecutor

Initial Skeptics Praise Her Reality-Based Approach to Diversion Programs

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News Aug 19 2:47 PM

Jim Ferrell Turns Youth Diversion Program into a Political Football

Prosecutor Candidate’s Criticisms Lack Evidence, Would Waste Taxpayer Money

Elections 2022 Aug 5 5:47 PM

Ballot Drop Update

Trumpian Joe Kent Closes In on Herrera Beutler, Gallardo Bows Out

Elections 2022 Aug 4 5:05 PM

Ballot Drop Update

Farivar Inches Ahead in Northeast Seattle, Dunn's Congressional Hopes Slip Away

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Elections 2022 Aug 3 4:39 PM

Ballot Drop Update

Matt Larkin Pulls Slightly Ahead of Reagan Dunn, Republicans in Disarray in Covington

Elections 2022 Aug 2 2:33 PM

The Stranger Endorses Joe Nguyen

Vote Nguyen for Legislative District 34, State Senator

Elections 2022 Aug 2 11:11 AM

The Stranger Endorses Kim Schrier

Vote Schrier for Congressional District 8

Elections 2022 Aug 2 10:25 AM

The Stranger Endorses Chipalo Street

Vote Street for Legislative District 37, Rep. Position 2

Elections 2022 Aug 1 4:20 PM

The Stranger Endorses Claire Wilson

Vote Wilson for Legislative District 30, State Senator

Elections 2022 Aug 1 2:54 PM

You Can Still Vote!

How to Register, How to Vote, Where to Vote, and Who to Vote For

Elections 2022 Aug 1 2:27 PM

The Stranger Endorses Julia G. Reed

Vote Reed for Legislative District 36, Rep. Position 1