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The Last Word Apr 30 5:30 PM

The Meadow on the Runway at SennzaFinne

This Beautiful Bev Awaits in a Warehouse Down by the Train Tracks—If You Can Find It

The Last Word Mar 19 2:32 PM

The Khlang (“Strength”) at Sophon 💪

This Manhattan-Adjacent Cocktail Comprises Brie Fat-Washed Rye, Nocino, Vermouth, and Delicata Squash Tincture

The Last Word Feb 2 2:00 PM

The Tiki-Bucha at the Lonely Siren

The NA Cocktails at This New Portuguese Bar-Resto Are as Fabulous as Any Full-Strength Vegas Tiki Drink

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The Last Word Dec 19 1:05 PM

Kevin! at the Sitting Room

An Elaborate Eggnog with Fig-Infused Bourbon Stars in the Sitting Room’s Home Alone-Themed Cocktail List

The Last Word Nov 9 1:25 PM

The Malört Mullet at Ruby

Spooked by Malört? Just-Opened Ruby Makes It Go Down Smooth(ish)

The Last Word Oct 2 2:10 PM

The Hot Charlotte at the Zig Zag Café

Pay Your Respects to the Dearly Departed Murray Stenson with His Second Most Popular Signature Cocktail

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The Last Word Aug 29 12:49 PM

The Bonfire at Korochka

This Forest Fire-Flavored Cocktail Is a Perfect Goodbye to Summer in Seattle

The Last Word Jul 31 12:55 PM

The Peter Pollen Mary at Arc

This Shrubbly, Bubbly, Mead-Based Cocktail Is as Summer in Seattle as It Gets

The Last Word Jun 30 12:16 PM

The Last Word: Little Victories at Il Bistro

A Summery Strawberry-Vermouth Cocktail Made (in Part) from Bugs

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The Last Word Jun 1 11:15 AM

The Dark Sea at the Jilted Siren

The New Odyssey-Themed Cocktail Bar Completes the Literary Arc with a Wine-Dark Drink That’s More Refreshing Than You’d Think

The Last Word May 12 1:05 PM

The Gin Griffey Juniper at Ben Paris

The Signature Drink at This Raised-from-the-Dead Hotel Bar Is a Springtime Grand Slam

Food & Drink Mar 30 2:43 PM

The Last Word: The Bom Dia at the Doctor’s Office

It’s like Drinking a Clarified Coconut Flan Out of a Butterhorn

The Last Word Feb 28 11:22 AM

The Figgy Swizzit at Dark Room

The Obscure Liqueurs in This Homage to the Rum Swizzle Will Learn You a Thing or Two

The Last Word Jan 27 3:45 PM

The Booze-Free Crystalline Dreams at Stampede Cocktail Club

Stampede’s at the Top of the Cocktail Game in Seattle, and This Virgin Milk Punch Is (Zero-) Proof Positive

The Last Word Dec 19 1:47 PM

An Apple a Day Keeps the Caraway at Suite 410

Erik Bjarne Witzøe Makes the City’s Smoothest Aquavit, and Benjamin Wright Turns It into Ancient-Tasting Magic

The Last Word Nov 10 1:15 PM

The Amalfi Breeze at Serafina

Grab a Friend and Talk Shit over This Citrusy-Herbal Dream

The Last Word Oct 10 3:22 PM

The Ohmu Negroni at Bar Sabine, and a Story About How I Was Wrong

Bar Manager Justin Fox’s Hayao Miyazaki-Themed Cocktail Menu Is Bold, a Little Bizarre, and Perhaps Not for Everyone. But It Might Be for You.

The Last Word Sep 6 12:34 PM

A New Column about Cocktails!

Baker’s Has a Summery Bring It On-Themed Cocktail List and the East Compton Clovers Is Totally Its Squad Captain