Elections 2023

Seattle has local elections coming up this year, and there's a LOT on the menu.

Social housing is on the ballot in February, behavioral health is on the ballot in April, the housing levy is on the ballot this fall, and more than half the city council is up for grabs in August in November. 

As always, The Stranger is here to keep you in the know. Buckle up and dig in. 

More in Elections 2023

Elections 2023 Nov 3 3:00 PM

The Stranger Endorses Alex Hudson

Vote Hudson for Council District No. 3

Elections 2023 Nov 3 12:00 PM

The Stranger Endorses Tammy Morales

Vote Morales for Council District No. 2

Elections 2023 Nov 3 10:00 AM

The Stranger Endorses Maren Costa

Vote Costa for Council District No. 1

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Elections 2023 Nov 3 9:00 AM

There’s an Election? For Capitol Hill?

Relatively Quiet GOTV Efforts Could Spell Trouble for the Most Progressive District in Town

Elections 2023 Nov 2 3:00 PM

The Stranger Endorses Fred Felleman

Vote Felleman for Commissioner Position No. 5

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Elections 2023 Nov 2 12:00 PM

The Stranger Endorses Teresa Mosqueda

Vote Mosqueda for Metropolitan King County Council District No. 8

Elections 2023 Nov 2 9:00 AM

The Stranger Endorses Jorge Barón

Vote Barón for Metropolitan King County Council District No. 4

Elections 2023 Nov 1 5:12 PM

The Stranger Endorses Julie Wise

Vote Wise for Director of Elections

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Elections 2023 Nov 1 3:12 PM

Neighbors Dish on City Council Candidates Ron Davis and Maritza Rivera

Civility Politics Are the ONLY Politics in Seattle

Elections 2023 Oct 31 9:00 AM

City Council Candidate Bob Kettle Promoted Right-Wing Endorsements

A Trumper City Attorney, a Conservative Hooper, and GOP Chairman Jim Walsh’s Number One Fan

Elections 2023 Oct 27 9:00 AM

Nearly $1 Million Pours into Seattle Elections from Corporate “Neighbors”

Who Got Big Biz Money, Who Got Labor Money, Who Got Both, and Who Got Snubbed?

Elections 2023 Oct 25 9:00 AM

What Happens If Big Business Gets the Council It Wants?

Renter Protections Rot, Labor Enforcement Dwindles, Housing Production Nosedives, the Planet Burns Hotter–All for More Cop Pay

Elections 2023 Oct 5 9:30 AM

Disabled Candidates Are Viable Candidates

ChrisTiana ObeySumner’s Council Campaign Keeps Pace in the Face of Ableism, Health Insurance Issues, and All These Damned Stairs

News Sep 28 11:43 AM

Seattle Considers Staggering Elections

The Proposal Will Likely Die Thanks to the Very Issue It Seeks to Combat

Elections 2023 Sep 21 10:13 AM

How Local Political Consultants Make Their Money

The Money’s in the Mailers, but the Victory Might Not Be