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Arid & Extra Dry


Dan Savage missed an opportunity to educate with regards to the man from Pittsburgh and his lover's dryness. There are many reasons why a woman would "dry up" in ten minutes. 1) she takes allergy/sinus medications. 2) she is in her hormonal low 3) if the penis leaves the vagina during intercourse, letting dry air come into contact with it, evaportation happens 4)most women need 20 minutes of stimulation to prepare the body for intercourse - this includes filling up the glands that are responsible for wetness with water. Oh, and number five could potentially be she's bored, you're doing it wrong (for her, which is really HER problem if she's not asking for what she needs), or, hey, she's not really that into you.

Oh, I forgot, if one is using condoms, then PLEASE use lubricants!! Lubricants increase sensitivity, and when the right ones are used, they increase safetly in condom use. Condom users know that more lube is necessary when fucking with them.

I hope this helps someone!
I realize this is way after the fact, but Confused's man may not have had an STI but some other skin condition, such as psoriasis or sebo-psoriasis on his penis, which does cause irritation, scaling, redness, flaking, peeling, etc. Ten years later - just a thought...
I meant AWE's man, not Confused's. Oops.
I know, after the fact. This condition could also be a yeast infection. Uncircumsized men are prone to catching them from other partners of if they have diabetes.
Or he was looking for his green card. Or he tested pos for HIV and hasn't the balls to admit it.
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