To the Voters of King County: As you may know, your King County Council is currently at odds on whether our county should be named after William Rufus DeVane King (former gay vice-president slave owner) or Martin Luther King, Jr. (former civil rights activist and heterosexual philanderer). However, since we are a country of choices, we have compiled a list of additional candidates, and would like you to choose which "King" would best represent our county. Send your vote to King County Council, c/o Councilman Larry Gossett, 516 3rd Ave., King County Courthouse, Rm. 1200, Seattle, 98104. And remember -- no matter who we choose, YOU put the "King" in our county.


Burger King County

Billie Jean King County

King Kong County

Kingston Trio County

King Crimson County

Nat "King" Cole County

Don King County

King's Table County

"The King and I" County

King of Pain County

King Friday the XIII County