of The Stranger's
"Design Our Mascot" Contest...

"BURNIE" the Ball of Burning Gas!
as designed by
Kara Amundson of Seattle!

We agree that Kara's winning entry, "BURNIE, the Ball of Burning Gas!" will be a terrific mascot for The Stranger, because as Kara puts it, "What's a mascot for, anyway? To inspire fear and terror, that's what! And nothing says 'fear' like the prospect of perishing in a blaze!"

Ha! Ha! Right you are, Kara! And as our grand prize winner, Kara will be whisked away on an all-expenses paid day of goofing off with Mr. I Love Television™ himself, Wm.™ Steven Humphrey. Thanks to everyone who entered, and be sure to look for The Stranger's new mascot, BURNIE, the Ball of Burning Gas, at a festival, political rally, or children's hospital near you!