Welcome to a whole NEW fashion experience! According to the Vin Baker "official" website www.funtshirts.com, Seattle may soon be graced with its very own big, sweaty, hoop-shootin' Yves Saint Laurent! Yes, it seems as if the Sonic forward may have indeed forsaken the world of "game" for the glitz and glamour of haute couture, and is rumored to be moonlighting off-season as a fashion guru! The site (based in Barcelona, Spain) offers Vin's exclusive line of kicky cotton-poly creations for women -- Dali-esque combinations of faux Todd Oldham screen print tops (something Endora might have worn) and the knitted novelty sweaters Mom used to don on holidays. Whether or not this fabulous new line of retro threads is actually endorsed, acknowledged by, or connected with OUR Vinny B. in any way is a matter of speculation -- Sonics representatives didn't return my phone calls or e-mails. Is this a clever hoax? A fluke? Or has the world simply gone mad, mad, MAD?

I am simply tickled to announce that Macaulay Culkin and wife Rachel Miner have been officially dethroned as Seattle's most frequently spotted celebrity couple! Talented and charming mega-star/human rights activist Danny Glover and his elegant wife Asake Bomani have been seen gadding about Seattle all week long, first making quite a stir at Seattle's very own eatery-of-the-stars, the Kingfish Café. (Well, I am glad SOMEBODY can get seated at that place. One would think that with all the free press and referrals I have given the Kingfish, they would have a permanent table for four on a platform in the center of the room with a 24-karat gold sign engraved RESERVED FOR ADRIAN RYAN. But, OH NO! My entourage and I are left forever hovering in the doorway, waiting for the table of chatty yuppies to finish their second bottle of wine. ARE YOU LISTENING, KINGFISH?!?) The gregarious Mr. and Mrs. Lethal Weapon reportedly made the rounds after their meal (fried chicken and crab cakes, Caesar salad, and wine), gracing star-struck fellow diners with handshakes and small talk before departing the restaurant. A much chillier reception met the duo at Etta's Seafood on Easter Sunday, where the couple reportedly pissed off a long queue of disgruntled patrons by muscling their way to the front of the line, where they were seated and fed with "mind-bending rapidity." (Is whoopin' Miss Celie's ass the only way to get a table in this town?)

And on a totally bizarre and slightly arousing note, Jimmy Fallon of Saturday Night Live fame got rowdy with the boys of UW's Sigma Phi Epsilon after his show at the HUB last week. The SNL second-stringer reportedly took his limo to the Sig Ep house, got plastered, and was finally "initiated" into the fraternity by being "baptized" in beer. Sources were not clear on whether or not said beer was "recycled" -- a long-standing frat tradition. But personally, I like to believe that it was.

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