In a landslide vote, Stranger readers overwhelmingly endorsed the continuation of the PRO or CON column, registering a whopping 273 votes pro to a pathetic 19 votes con. And while we were tempted to pull a city council-style complete rejection of voters' wishes, we've decided to honor our readers with a fifth and final installment of the freakishly popular PRO or CON.

As concerned citizens are aware, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services division is quietly carrying out a plan to gas several thousand geese in the Northwest area. Now it's time for you to decide.



1. There are 25,000 resident geese in the Puget Sound area, each of whom dumps up to three pounds of poop daily in and around our lovely lakes, turning them into stinking shitholes of swimmer's itch. Gas 'em.

2. Gassing geese is unpleasant and mean, and whoever supports such a procedure should be charged with murder.

To register your vote, call 323-7101, ext. 3099, after 5:30pm.