Columns Jul 13, 2000 at 4:00 am

Coup Français


*laughing all over the place* Dan, I hope OIS spoke French. (I also kind of hope she didn't, and used this. Because, AMAZING.)
I am a French girl, and the letter is just sooo hilarious!!! the way, why do the Americans believe French girls are all sluts? the Brits are worse!!

I... have no idea what that means. But it sounds damn sexy.
Ha! That final letter was hilarious! Really... wow! Dan do you speak french? If you don't, who wrote that?

"prendront une bonne douche bien chaude car si je veux goêter un fromage français, je peux très bien aller à la crémerie du coin. " PURE GOLD!
I put it into google translate and promptly shot tea out my nose.
That was hilarious! As a Frenchie here I can tell you that while the spelling is atrocious, any French person would understand what this means, choke on their drink, laugh for 5 minutes and then end up at her hotel faster than they can teleport.
OMG, I forgot more than half of the French I learned in school, but the letter was still hilarious. I am sure I missed some sexual double meanings and explicit words.

BTW, thanks Dan, for filling my English vocabulary with new words
(not only the ones you created, but also all the other sexual oncs, I was not aware of, since English is not my mother tongue, and no one teaches you the term "giving head" in school)

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