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Stockholm Syndrome


Ok I'm a lesbian ex military at that been through alot of bullshit. Im in a relationship with a girl now and she wants a family with me and kids marrige everything. However I keep telling her that yes I love you baby and I want all that with you too but I still have alot of shit in my head Im tryin to get over. Me and this girl havent been together long so I tell her that we also in my opinion need more time to strenghten our relationship. So my question is do I just tell myself to get the fuck over it and start the family life with her she and I want, or keep waiting it out and trying to get where I dont wake up screaming everynight.
I'm not the advice columnist here, and since you wrote this in the comments you really didn't pose this question to Dan, so i'll give you my opinion. If you haven't been together long, and your so tormented, you should wait on having the family and seek counseling to regain your mental health.
Agreed with #2. You might also have post-traumatic stress disorder, if you're waking up screaming every night - pretty common for people in the military. Also, if you want advice on a question, write into an advice columnist; don't leave it in the comments.
nah, if your gut tells you you're not ready, it's probably right. Even if you didn't have some psychological issues, if you've 'not been together long' it's probably too soon to get hitched.
"And what kind of father would take his own daughter's rights away."

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