You may have heard rumblings lately about a city-funded all-ages music venue, and finally, it looks like the undertaking is a go. The Vera Project hopes to be the city's first publicly supported, youth-oriented music and arts venue, providing local underagers with a means to check out "alternative interests," in what organizers describe as "an environment geared toward leadership and active community participation." Just who are these organizers? Included among them are the tireless all-ages scene advocates Kate Becker and Meg Watjen, with James Keblas and Shannon Stewart acting as executive and managing directors, respectively. The venue is called Local 46 and is located at 2700 First Avenue, at Cedar Street in Belltown. The kick-off show is Saturday, January 27, with Murder City Devils, Botch, and Blood Brothers. Next up is the awesome all-girl AC/DC cover band Hell's Belles with the Razorbabes and the Stuck-Ups on Saturday, February 3; then the Makers, the Briefs, and an as-yet-undecided guest on Saturday, February 10. Continuing in Seattle's snappy all-ages mindset, all Vera Project shows feature the "no alcohol, no assholes" disclaimer, so if you're loaded or plan to be a dick, get lost.

One more detail: In addition to admission, showgoers will be charged a one-time $1 fee and issued a club card, which will be required to enter all future Local 46 events. Kill Switch... Klick founder D. A. Sebasstian dropped a line to hype his new CD, Who Cares--A Tribute to the Who (iREGULAR Records). In honor of the disc, there will be a celebration on Friday, January 19 at the University Bookstore featuring performances by Henry Boy, Jeremy Sever, the Penningtones, and Blue Collar Love.

Anyone catch that gushy interview with ex-Pavement frontman Steve Malkmus in the new issue of Elle magazine? There's one journalist who'll be turning an afternoon with the hottie smart rocker into a lifetime of masturbatory fantasies. (Hey, share the wealth! I still need to get the image of Malkmus wearing a stupid visor while getting denied backstage access to Modest Mouse last summer out of my head.) I wonder if Malkmus told his lovestruck Elle interviewer that his new band, the Jicks, will be playing a hush-hush show in Portland on Tuesday, Jan 23 at the Medicine Hat Gallery? Rumor has it that, among other indie-luminaries, ex-Minders lady Joanna Bolme is in the band. It seems that some people are just finding out (after five years) that Malkmus is an on-again, off-again resident of the Northwest, and it also seems that some people who also live in the Northwest think this show deserves, out of respect for insiders, no advance press. Whoops! (Perhaps I should also quash the rumor that Kristin Hersh and her family are moving to Seattle?)

Last but certainly not least, Al's is located in WALLINGFORD, not Ye Old-ee Town-ee as was misreported in It's My Party's New Year's Eve Bad Behavior Blowout. And the tavern is not owned by the Lovely Libby, but is in fact owned by the folks who own the fine Ye Old-ee Town-ee establishments the Tractor Tavern, Hattie's Hat, and the Sunset Tavern.