APRIL 18, 2002 · VOL. 11, NO. 31

by A. Birch Steen
Stranger Ombudsman & OSHA Board of Governors Member

FRONT OF BOOK Letters: Skimmed... Last Days: Mr. Schmader brings the lone moral voice to The Stranger this week (the occasional mean joke notwithstanding)... NEWS News Lead: These sorts of David v. Goliath stories are a dime a dozen--are there no interesting stories for the News Lead?... News Follow(s): (See Five to Four); Didn't read; The Stranger once again promotes the pro-homosexual agenda--do they not realize they have many heterosexual readers?; Why is the death of an activist given fewer words than a music store's possible closure (see News Lead)?... IONS: Didn't read... Five to Four: As an unwilling reader of The Stranger, I sincerely hope the TDO is repealed soon so I will no longer have to read about it... FEATURE Is this story really worth 4,000 words?... FILM Film Lead: Couldn't finish... Film Follow(s): Didn't read... BOOKS Didn't read... ART None... THEATER Very little... CHOW Ms. Liao squanders her (normally excellent) food column on an inane real-estate essay... MUSIC Music Lead: Couldn't finish... Music Follow(s): Skimmed/unable to find interest... ETC. One-Night Stand: New writer Jennifer Maerz manages to elevate the column above the tripe it has been for the past three weeks... It's My Party: Didn't read... Celeb I Saw U: Too gay... I Love TV: Didn't read... Savage Love: If Mr. Savage is so intent on upsetting his readers, why is he defensive when they react negatively?... Control Tower: Didn't read... Obits: Didn't read... A Critical Overview: Didn't read.