Elijah Wood keeps popping up like an impatient pecker. The dish: My first report that the lovable little hobbit wasn't filming in the area is completely erroneous. (BAD me... BAD!) Mr. Wood is shooting his next opus, Try Seventeen, in Vancouver, BC, and has been passing through the Peace Arches regularly to make high-profile cameos on the mean streets of Seattle. And the mysterious femme who shadows him? Reports indicate that the giantess (well, compared to Lilliputian Eli) is fleet-footed Franka Potente, who ran and ran in Run Lola, Run. (HOW did I fail to recognize her when I saw the couple on Broadway? Bad, bad, BAD me!) It looks like Franka and Elijah are running together now, as multiple sightings report the pair joined at the hip, by the hands (awww!), and even once or twice by the lips (smmmmooooch!!). They seem to prefer our beloved Capitol Hill as their hangout of choice, and are becoming as common a sight on Broadway as crack-addled street punks and urine-flooded vestibules.

Possibly the most flawless match since Starsky and Hutch: Earlier this month, punky Cameron Diaz and her pant-pounding paramour Jared Leto (My So-Called Life) were spotted munching cheap Mexican cuisine at Taco Del Mar on Broadway and Pine. It's reported that scrumptious Jared is sporting a bleach-blond (gulp) MULLET these days, but I really don't want to think about that at all. And my friend Jake Kaplan (program director at KFNK 104.9, dontcha know) spotted the pair walking to the Paramount Hotel on the same night as the release of Cameron's "awful new movie" (MEOW!), The Sweetest Thing. Jared sings lead vocals for the band 30 Seconds to Mars, which opened for Puddle of Mudd, which headlined the Paramount Theatre on April 12.

Also chillin' on the Hill-en: Mike Myers (YEAH, baby!) and his big bald head graced the Hill with a visit last week, too. Star-spotter Erich scored some amiable chitchat with Mr. Myers and his freshly shorn cranium (he's keeping that noggin slick and shiny for the reprise of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers 3) as he perused the sale rack at the Capitol Hill Urban Outfitters. (Why Megabucks Myers is shopping the sale rack is a mystery--the man just scored a sweet 25 "meel-ion" dollars for filming AP3.) Erich even gave chatty, technophobic Señor Myers tips on using his confusing new pager!

Lastly, Kevin Spacey closed out Pine Street's Capitol Club on Tuesday, April 9 after saucing it up with an unidentified companion. The report? Kevin was "nice, low-key, and tipped generously."