APRIL 25, 2002 · VOL. 11, NO. 32

by A. Birch Steen
Stranger Ombudsman & OSHA Board of Governors Member

FRONT OF BOOK Letters: A sizeable paper this week, yet still only a half-page of letters. Is The Stranger's ego such that it can't take criticism from its readers?... Last Days: Mr. Schmader manages to respond to reader complaint in an adult, educated manner... NEWS News Lead: Interesting, well/written... News Follow(s): Skimmed; Didn't read; Didn't read; More monorail dullery; The Stranger once again promotes marijuana use... Five to Four: At least it's not about the TDO... SHORT FEATURE Sad/well-written... FEATURE Fairly good, though the poor layout of the articles makes them hard to follow... FILM Film Lead: An odd choice for the film lead (chosen because it offered The Stranger an excuse to use the word "beaver" over and over again?)... Film Follow(s): Didn't read... BOOKS I find it interesting that The Stranger chooses to criticize two travel guidebooks less than a year after publishing its own mediocre guidebook... ART Unable to finish... THEATER Very little... CHOW Didn't read... MUSIC Music Lead: If The Stranger is going to hand over the reins to a band, they should at least pick a smart/interesting band... Music Follow(s): Skimmed/ unable to find interest (why is Bradley Steinbacher still permitted to write about music?)... ETC. One-Night Stand: Ms. Maerz has a filthy trenchmouth... It's My Party: For a gossip columnist, Ms. Wilson is woefully lacking in gossip this week... Celeb I Saw U: Too gay... I Love TV: Mr. Humphrey offers bad jokes, little else... Savage Love: Skimmed/unable to hold interest (Mr. Savage seems to be "phoning it in")... Control Tower: Didn't read... Obits: Didn't read... A Critical Overview: Didn't read.