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Great stuff, Mr. Savage. I am amazed that in this age of so-called sexual enlightenment, there is so little actual enlightenment. I am 100% straight. I've never had any propensity for falling in love with a man. BUT, I have enjoyed having occasional sex with men for years. I've had many people insist that I must call myself bi or come the rest of the way out of the closed and call myself gay. I'm only deluding myself, etc. I tend to piss a lot of gay men off because I understand that their "identity" is nothing more than artifice. THey tell me that I'm supressing my true nature. What bullshit.

Look, sucking cock is hot. It's different, but it is hot. I think that most straight guys would give it a shot (so to speak) if they were not so insecure and afraid. I know that almost all of them whack it to the fantasy. And guys that won't let another guy blow you, I have only one thing to say to you: are you out of your fucking minds? I've had a lot of blow jobs in my time and I can tell you that I've never had one from a woman that wasn't mediocre at best. But the blow job that an experience guy will give you will blow your fucking mind. If you think your girlfriend/SO/wife gives good blow jobs, that's because you've never had a good one and don't know the difference. But if you are going to go there and let a guy blow you, you have to be willing to reciprocate.

And to gay men, who refuse to try sex with a woman: are you, too, out of your fucking minds? Gay sex is hot, yes. But a woman has genitals that are specifically designed to ultimately stimulate a cock. Nothing even comes close to it. No , not and anus. It's nice, but a cheap substitute. If you die not having tore up a pussy a few times, you die ignorant and missing one of the great pleasures of life. So get off you ass and go get some snatch. Yeah, women are a pain in the ass, but not much more so than gay men.
I dont fancy men at all but love sucking cock whats wrong with me
i like having my cock sucked by a man they do it better i am straight man joe
To poster #1: Sorry to disagree with you on the "gay men should try straight sex," but I am a classic Kinsey 6, 110% gay, etc. Years ago, I once tried to hook up with a married couple, where the wife just wanted to watch (and not touch), while her husband banged me, and I couldn't do it. The very thought of "koochie" being even just in the room, attached to the eyes that would be watching, and not touching, gave me pangs of anxiety, so I had to decline. I also realize that there are people in this world, where that scene would definitely be their turn-on. Just not mine.

As a gay male, some of my best friends are women (lesbians and straight fag-hags), but I know my body, mind and sexual turn-ons, and it just wouldn't happen with a woman, no matter how drunk, stoned or horny I was. There is simply not enough Viagra in the world to make me "stand at attention" for heterosexual sex.

So, knowing this, are my straight male friends correct, when they jokingly call me a "heterophobe?" I reckon I'm like the old 7-up commercials, for the "UnCola." When it comes to having sex with a woman: Never had it, never will.
Just a point about the math:

"while just 2.8 percent of American men identified as gay, almost 10 percent of men have had a homosexual experience. That means almost seven percent of the "straight" men in America have sucked a little cock"

Rather than "almost 7%", it is actually a little over 7%

All men in America = 100%
homosexual experience = 10%
identify as gay = 2.8%
following with your assumption that "doesn't identify as gay means straight":
straight men in America = 100-2.8=97.2%
straight men with homosexual experience = 10-2.8 = 7.2%

percent of "straight" men who have sucked a little cock = 7.2/97.2 = 7.4%
Yeah, I've heard that before about men giving better blow jobs than women! How do you do it, cock-sucker guys? What's your secret? I really want to learn!!
Wondering: Is there a place in Savage World for someone who doesn't think of other human beings in terms of how they can be best used like commodities for self-gratification? Who doesn't believe that you will die obsessed by your kinks if you don't act them out?

Wondering: Are you guys letting your partners know about the cock-sucking on the side? Here's a tip: Integrity is HOT!!! And you can have it with everyone regardless of gender!
I really like the "heteroflexible" term - sums me up to a T. When I've tried to find hook ups, I'd *always* have to exmplain, "yes, I'm bi, but only interested in cock sucking and ass fucking - I'm not attracted to men or interested in cuddling/kissing/etc." "Heteroflexible" is a far more convenient way to say all that. :D
I have had sex and relationships with both guys and girls, but lean toward guys more of the time. The problem, I think, is with the idea that bisexuals are expected to go half and half with their attractions. I don't think even most straights are 100% uninterested in the opposite sex. I usually fall in love with dudes, but it doesn't bother me when I fall for another girl. And there's no other word for it BUT bisexual!
being a closeted cocksucker (male) I can assure you that there are a LOT of
married men that like to get their cock sucked, I know because I've sucked them.
I love the term heteroflexible as that describes me perfectly! As for the woman that wants to know how we do it, I would say that you have to love to suck cock as I do, of course!
Remember when the gay identity didnt suit well most people who had same-sex relationships? Just 50 years back, when a vast majority of gay men were closeted or invisible and in fact inexistent in a large part of the US states? I dont think that was because gays really didnt exist. It was because they were just not accepted and people were very very doubtful that they could actually be normal people, reliable, trustworthy and not weird or even dangerous. If you think about it hard dont you think that maybe maybe if there was less bigotry around more bisexual men would be out and eager to establish relationships with who they love, irrespective of their gender? Maybe women wouldnt mind so much their boyfriends were bisexual if they werent immediately perceived as 100% gay and thereby not *truly* attracted to them. Or gay men wouldnt be so often relentlessly mistrusting bisexual men if they were out and just easy about it. Your writing is hurting people as the witty smart writing of anti-gay comedians did in the past. PLEASE please just think about it.
Heteroflexible is a useful term and I think it describes a lot of people who usually identify as bisexual. In fact, if it becomes a well-known term, I think it will help the bicurious to also come out of their closets.
But when it comes to sex, nobody should ever do anything they really don't want to do. As the lyric from the an old R&B song went, "If it don't fit, don't force it."
My man is cool with just about anything. We routinely do things WAY weirder than push the boundaries of typical sexual orientation (which we do on a regular basis). And he LOVES cock and isn't afraid to tell anyone about it. He identifies as bisexual because he's just as pleased as punch to "hook up" with either women or men.

That being said, he only feels comfortable being "in a relationship" with a woman.

Dan is right.
I was married for 20 years and fantasized about sucking cock. I had a relationship for 1.5 years with another married man. He told me he loved me and wanted to be with me. We made plans I stuck to them he didn't he turned out to be a bigger pussy than he said about his wife. I hope you die Mike in Saint Louis that is what you did to me killed me and my family you married cock sucking SOB!
I am 73 & for years my girlfriend would suck my cock & she always told me to watch her while she did it,i mentioned to her 1 time that it looked to me that she really enjoyed sucking my cock & she responded you don't know what you are missing until you tried it,which got me thinking that maybe she is right
well I did it & it was the greatest!!!!!
I only wish I would have discovered this earlier in life
To suck a cock is the ultimate & every man should try it at least once,I assure you it does not all of a sudden make you gay or bi
It just makes life that much better as now you have the best of both worlds

Okay folks, all this label stuff gets a bit tedious ... biological organisms (unlike orgasms) don't work on an either/or basis. In biology, and yes, I am a biologist by training, all organisms fall along a continuum. It is, in fact the guys (and girls) at the extreme ends of the tails of the statistical (not testicle) curve who are the odd-(wo)men-out. Almost everyone fits somewhere in the middle, no matter what they say about themselves.

Their personal labels about sex (and pretty much everything else) are the products of their natural attractions (genetics, bio-chemical and bio-physical development), their upbringing, including: religion, parental bias, life-experiences (especially during the puberty years), exposures to sex, teachers' biases, exposure to the world-at-large during those years, societal pressures (on an ongoing basis), good and bad relationships, body-image, etc.

One of the most disturbing things that can happen to a homo-phobe, or hetero-phobe is to wake up in a puddle of sex fluids after having an erotic dream where their supposed polar opposite is their willing/unwilling, and very sexually stimulating partner. The truth here is that you can fool yourself consciously, but the unconscious mind never lies ... it explores those places we either want to go, but are afraid to, or think we don't want to go, but are designed ... at least a little bit ... to the contrary.

While we can choose to lead our lives as 100% hetero-, or homo-, at least on a conscious and practical, day-to-day basis, we would all be better off if we could cozy up to that small, or large, other side of ourselves. It would reduce the amount of anxiety, self-hate, other-hate and destructive behavior, that so many of us are prone to ... all on account of 'fear and labeling' (not solely in Las Vegas:).

Perhaps a better labeling system, if we must have one, would be to simply call ourselves human and then make sure all of our laws recognize ALL of us as HUMAN ... period!
Wow, this is an interesting thread! I have been going through all of Dan's old columns (as I suspect most of the posters here were doing). I find it fascinating that a column originally published nine years ago is still getting traction. The first posting here was over over 2½ years ago. Most threads in online discussion forums are dead within three days. That being said...

I describe myself as hopelessly heterosexual. I am certainly not homophobic. I have many gay friends and have discussed their sex lives and desires often, but always from the curious anthropologist POV. I also discuss sexuality with my straight friends of both sexes. I can be attracted to men on a deep emotional level, but I cannot call it even closely a romantic or sexual attraction. Men can completely satisfy my need for emotional and intellectual companionship. I have wondered if I could just live with a guy but have a hooker come by twice a week to take care of my physical needs. But I have no interest in kissing, sucking or fucking a man.

Based on what I read in many places I feel like I am in the minority. I actually wonder if that makes me a little boring. But there is nothing I can do about it, not that I have tried that hard. I am deeply spiritual and in my deeper meditations I understand that gender is an illusion, but in my waking moments I realize that it's a damn good illusion. I guess I am just not that evolved.

I will agree with #1. Most of the blow jobs I have gotten from women suck (hmm). I have never given a blow job but I can guarantee you that my first attempt would be better than any I have ever received. However, I am sure that my straight girlfriends could eat pussy far better than I ever will, not for lack of trying. It is not the technique, but the person the mouth is attached to. I do wish that the women I have known would enjoy it more and try to improve their skills.

A (gay) friend of mine once told me that you can determine what your sexual orientation is by what images you wank to. I disagreed with him as I tend to agree more with #17. Your erotic dreams will give you more direction in this area than anything else.

I once took a computer UI course and the instructor joked that in a San Francisco-based company they used a slide bar rather than a radio button to indicate sex. Related to that, it appears that a question on sexual orientation requires an essay rather than multiple choice.
I'm from the UK & stumbled across this site in search of straight cock. Does anyone know of any site where I can find straight guys that will let me suck them off? I don't want reciprocation. I just want to suck straight cock as I find it an extreme turn on.
I have been with the same woman for 12 years now, and she has never been great at giving head. Within the past 2 years, i've started. "fooling around" with men. It's true: men do give better head. I have also sucked a couple of cocks, and it is fun. It is a boost to the ego to be able to make another man nut off in your mouth or on your face; but I would still rather recieve than give. I don't consider myself gay. I'm coming to terms with the fact that I may be bi, however. But I am not attracted to men per se, and I definately dont feel emotionally attracted to other men.
I guess I'm not alone I always loved watching porn I enjoyed most the scenes with the Guy having his cock licked and sucked on and always found myself fantasizeing about being the one sucking his cock. Finally I got the chance came with an elderly man a neighborhood we were watching. Porn and he asked if I had ever thought about sucking a guys cock yes I told him next thing I know we were naked and his thick 7"cock was In my mouth for the longest time I sucked we got together at his house many more times. I often fantazise and think about how much fun it would be to meet another elderly man tofill my to watch porn with and fill my mouth with his cock and cum.

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