JOSH: Israel deserves bad press, hmm? ["Read All About It," Josh Feit, June 6.] You wonder why people don't see that the media has thrown the spotlight on "Israel's brutal tactics," hmm? Well, I wonder how you can write an article quoting negative Israel story after negative Israel story--never once mentioning any transgressions by those kind, impoverished, "occupied," murdering, Jew-hating Palestinian scumbags.

This writer, like you, is a journalist and a Jew. In fact, I've been both a lot longer than you.

Please eat shit and die.

Anonymous, via e-mail


JOSH: I just wanted to drop you a note saying your article was great. The current issue of the Nation states that there is a pro-Israeli bias because Jewish groups complain at the drop of a hat at any perceived slight (not a direct quote, but yeah, they phrased it that bluntly). Sure they do--as do groups that promote the interests of Arab Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Mexican Americans, women, gays, the disabled (or, er, "differently abled"), etc.

The question that begs to be asked is why the left encourages and praises the other groups when they "empower" themselves by asserting their voices for self-interest, while loudly criticizing Jews for doing the same. My guess is, it is because the left swallows the whole Jews-control-the-world paranoia as much as the far, far right does, but I suppose that's another story.

It's sad, as I have several Palestinian friends living in the area whose lives have been fucked up so much by this, yet I find it impossible to be a part of "the movement" because so many who are part of it are willing to do and say anything to try to shame anyone who questions them on any of their points. And the rest are willing to look the other way. These fucked-up tactics usually (although not always) are employed by your white upper-middle-class careerist protesters who have their own agenda, and it is my friends' cause (being able to live with a little dignity and joy) that gets lost in the vituperate propaganda. It is too bad, as the cause is legitimate and therefore does not need these lies and exaggerations.

Miss X, via e-mail


EDITOR: It is indeed sad that South Seattle/Columbia City/Seward Park/etc. is losing its only general-interest bookstore, Take Another Look Books ["The End," June 6]. I was very glad to see Amy Jenniges' article, and thanks for referencing the article I wrote [in the Beacon Hill News] about the store.

Columbia City isn't just losing its only general-interest bookstore, it's also losing a huge booster of Columbia City businesses and events. Even when [bookstore owner] A. J. Bastarache had his store across from the PCC on Wilson in Seward Park, he was promoting Columbia City's Beat Walk, businesses, and Farmers' Market.

If we take independent neighborhood bookstores (and other stores) for granted, they will disappear, leaving us to shop in malls and chain stores, and online.

Christopher J. Jarmick, via e-mail


STRANGER: I just wanted to say thanks for bringing back Chris DeLaurenti to write about the local classical, new concert music, and improv scene ["The Score," see page 58]. It's nice to know that The Stranger is sticking to its alternative roots by acknowledging that there is a considerable amount of fascinating and relevant music out there happening in places other than bars. Allowing the insight, erudition, and humor of DeLaurenti to be the new music scene's megaphone to the public through your paper is a service for which you are to be commended.

Korby Sears, via e-mail


STRANGER: Just wanted to drop a line to you all. Some people think you're all a bunch of bitching psychopaths out to destroy the white conservative American way. Some people think you're all mad as Napoleon (who must have seemed insane to everyone who knew him). But I happen to know that you're all a bunch of pretty decent people, and I salute you for it.

Please thank Mr. Mudede for not mentioning my incredible stupidity and being really nice about the whole thing. And please take a moment for all of you to remember that you are doing something incredibly important, and I for one love you for it.

All the same, I don't think I'd ever want to date Wm.™ Steven Humphrey. Dude is just too weird for me.

Lilith Murosako, via e-mail

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