Back to prove there's still a future in fag-hagging: Margaret "Those fuckers took my sitcom and now the world must PAAAAY!" Cho made a demographically brilliant visit to the Broadway Bar and Grille (yes, that's "grille" with an "e," thank you), smiling broadly and signing everything. She then made the lateral move to the Wildrose. I hadn't heard that the lovely and indomitable Miss Cho was in town, but her people explained to my people that she popped up for the Neil Finn concert at the Showbox. You knew that Maggie's recent celluloid opus Notorious C.H.O. was shot in Seattle, right? Well, her people also leaked that when it makes its Seattle premiere, she might make a surprise appearance. If she decides to, you'll be the first to know. (After me.)

If I say Michael Richards, what pops into your head? NOTHING, right? But if I say KRAMER, you go, "Oh, yeah! That dude on Seinfeld with the fucked-up hair!" THAT, my friend, is called typecasting. For the sake of brevity, then, KRAMER was spotted at Galerias, that fabulous Mexican place on Broadway. Star-spotting super agent "Melissa C." reports, "He was talking animatedly to someone I did not recognize. He was wearing shorts. He had shorter hair, and looked pretty gay." Well, THERE you are!

Did everyone hear about this bit that radio station Star 101.5 did called "BARE HONORS"? They asked listeners what local TV newscaster they'd like to see naked. KIRO 7's Brad Goode took first for the guys, and KING 5's Joyce Taylor came out as the most luscious lady of the nightly news. (Dan and Leslie got honorable mentions.) But all might not be smiles, sunshine, and a certain understated yet devastating sex appeal with Miss Taylor, as I happen to be sitting on the most HEINOUS rumor about her! I've been struggling to get a comment from Taylor, but the woman is harder to get a hold of than a tube snake in a jelly sock. I encourage Miss Taylor to contact me via one of my many widely published e-mail addresses! Hurry!

You know the wacky Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players--the freaky family rock band/sideshow that scores material from stuff like old photo albums and answering-machine messages? "Leep Infinet" found one of the Trachtenburgs' very own personal answering machine tapes in a thrift store and has MP3'd the contents for your amusement! How poetically ironic! Click trachtenburg.html and experience the magic!