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Furry Friends


Your description of furry is woefully inaccurate. Furry is essentially a love for anthropomorphics (animal people), and while it does have a large adult facet, it is just a facet.
An another note, it's not neccissarily true that furry is caused by disney; many furry works are as un-cartoonish as possible.
And fursuit sex is a very bad idea. They have terrible ventilation.
where the fuck did u all come from what zoo let u freaks out u need to go back its fucked up u blame disney stay the fuck away from my dog and cat they say cats have been missing from my city u all need to stop they say its the china has been eating them but I know better its all u fucks taking them stop I will tell peta I hear you fucks are in colorado if i see one furrie its going down.If u have a problem hit me at it is a real email I am the devil and I do want to hear from u sick freaks that I have mad in this world so show me some love and talk to me gurrr purrr
please use punctuation fuckuall.
I really don't understand why everyone is so down on the whole furries population. All it is, is basically wanting to fulfill half an indulgence in something that is frowned upon, and mixing it in with someone that is allowed, but sadly, still often considered to be wrong. It's a fantasy.

What Fuckuall describes is beastiality, not being a furry. The way he describes it states that he is 100% troll, a combination between hater and a sarcastic comedian.

Please, learn to look into the facts, as well as deal with your anger issues.
Hm,ethereal you are being too generous. If there's one thing that defines a troll, it's a craving for attention. Usually coupled with a lack of wit and invention that renders them too dull to earn positive attention by saying something funny or clever. Hence the tirades of insults/threats/ad hominem attacks/etc they splurge out ceaselessly.

Like toddlers having tantrums, you just have to ignore them. It's for their own growth bro, as the Swayze (god rest his soul) sayeth.
Furries really ain't so bad. They are pretty normal fetishists. They like cartoon animal porn and mascot suits, along with some other pretty interesting and creative stuff like inflation, micro/macro, maieusophilia, and vorarephilia.

The PROBLEM with furries is that about 50% of furries have absolutely no sense of humor and no realization of the inherent silliness of their kink. But I believe that this will change with time. Since all their various web sites (FA, VCL, DeviantArt, Eka's, etc) have been deluged with trolls ever since trolls were invented, hopefully they will realize: "Oh yeah. We're not any more or less perverse than anybody else, and people are allowed to make fun of us."

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