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Furry Fury


i don't see what's so wrong about relating furries directly to sex. how can having a reputation for extremely fun, creative and wild sex be bad? ok, so gay reputation has it's ups and downs, but we're certainly known for having a good time in bed, or public bathrooms, principal's offices and what have you. all i can say is that if it made my boyfriend get a cement hard erection and fuck me like a tsunami because one of us was dressed in a crotchless barney suit, i'd have a smile from here to london.
I don't know many furs over in the US, but here in the UK there are quite a few of us, and we're not all socially maladjusted losers (although there are a few, who I do tend to steer well clear of). We're pretty much just a bunch of geeks, freaks, and deviants, who like anthropomorphic animals (and porn thereof). Hell, some of us -including myself- are full-on fetishists who like nothing better of an evening than to be whipped and buggered senseless in leather puppy gear.

We organise meet-ups, have fun, frolick, drink heavily, and generally get along very well. Indeed, the staff at the furry boat party in London last December said we were the most fun lot they'd had in ages (although the 250 glowsticks a friend of mine distributed to the dancefloor helped with this). The furries who get pissed off at the media sniggering at them are without exception the socially retarded ones who never leave their mother's basement; the rest of us just laugh it off and say "fair cop". It is fairly ridiculous, and that's half the fun!
it is just a fetish people just like some people like role play
or cartoon sex(hentai)
@2 is right. Furries are pretty normal fetishists. They like cartoon animal porn and mascot suits, along with some other pretty interesting and creative fetishes like inflation, micro/macro, maieusophilia, and vorarephilia.

The PROBLEM with furries is exactly what you see in this column: For some reason, something like 50% of furries have absolutely no sense of humor and no realization of the inherent silliness of their kink. But I believe that this will change with time.
As a furry, I'd say the real problem with many furries is that they're not willing to acknowledge that it's a fetish. They're completely in denial about it and there's no reason to be, because it's not a big goddamn deal--we're attracted to anthropomorphic characters. It's ridiculous, it's creepy and disgusting, and it is definitely hilarious, but that's also what's awesome about it.

They'll be like "oh it's just a hobby" and then spend hours talking about the best way to draw a dragon dick. "Sheesh it's just a hobby, now why does the porn get 90% of the pageviews". These types are usually by far the creepiest, least socially adjusted furries.

The BDSM community didn't gain acceptance by pretending it was a star trek convention.

Admittedly, there are a few furries that have no interest in the sexual aspect. They just like drawing cartoon anthros. That's totally fine, but I don't see what's significant enough about that for it to merit a whole subculture. If that's your thing, go to comic book conventions. Go to anime conventions.
Its not a fetish at all, and no, its not at all about sex. The truth is, it just happens to be that most of us (such as me) are into some pretty weird shit. And that's alright. I just wanna give a shout out that some are focused on the random, not the sex, i got some friends that aren't into any fetishes, they just are furs that are quite interested in the fandom. But yeah, a lot of us do like stuff like that. Anyways, i recently came out about being a fur, and thanks to the media, my family now heartlessly ridicules me. I have other friends to whom their parents did that to. So fucked up. My ex, calvin, he was beaten, betrayed, and hated just because he's a furry. So fuck you people trying to make our lives a pile of cal. Anyways, Dan Savage, i cant quite see your position on this, it seems pretty mixed. But from right now, it looks very disrespectful

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