BY KATHLEEN WILSON I love my boys and I love my gals, and for the most part I like to see them working together in this talented music community. But I was happy to see the girls getting behind each other more than ever last week when it was suggested the "Ladies Who Lunch" web ring be widened to include men.

LWL, started a few years back by energetic, faithfully supportive music booster and EMP employee Susie Tennant, is a women-only resource offering the female members of the local music scene--musicians, technicians, bookers, club owners, managers, journalists, attorneys, accountants, etc.--a place to talk about issues and post questions and opportunities for one another, as well as form a supportive network that contributes to the entire community, local and nationally. In just one day (less time than it often takes the LWL to decide on the date and location of a social gathering), the question of men being allowed to join was posed, discussed, and quite pointedly shut down in a most intelligent, logical manner.

No male-bashing occurred, other than to say that sometimes men might sound a little know-it-all in posts, and scare the more timid of the ladies away from their safe haven. Most of the LWL keep their male friends in the loop via outreach anyway, so really there was no reason to change, and I applaud the strong and vibrant women of the ring for keeping pure in their vision.

I'm still not sure how I feel about that in regard to this next event, but I support it just the same. The Slender Means Society presents the seventh theme of its monthly series, this one called "The Revolution from Within: a Celebration of the Second Sex," on Saturday, September 21, at Secluded Alley Works, 113 12th Ave, 839-0880, 5-10 pm. Because the SMS doesn't want the place run over with folks, the names of the local and national performers are being kept top-secret until the event begins. Those with a Y-chromosome must fork over $6 for the privilege of attending, while those without get in for free. Funny thing is, this event is put on by a group of guys. That's probably why they think listing the Men's Auxiliary Army of S.C.U.M. as a co-presenter is funny. I don't know many ovary-toting ladies who want to be associated with Valerie Solanas' mortifying manifesto....

Okay, I'm off for a few days, so here ends the gossip part of the column. But I will clue you in to the embarrassment of riches offered to music lovers by way of upcoming remastered re-releases and special one-off recordings guaranteed to indulge the inner geek in us all.

Replacements fans will be happy to know that Hootenanny, Let It Be, Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take out the Trash, and Stink are all in reissue status, and some intense types are likely to find a renewed energy for the Alarm's first three albums.

New York Dolls have new versions coming out, and Johnny Thunders' You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory is coming out on Castle; Donovan's Fairy Tale is also out on Silverline/Immergent.

And those who consider Live Album to be the first grunge record (myself and several close friends included) will be over the moon that Grand Funk Railroad's first four albums are available again, along with the limited-edition Trunk of Funk.