November 7, 2002 · VOL. 12, NO. 08

FRONT OF BOOK Letters: A full page, which is surprising.... Last Days: The only section worth reading in The Stranger with any consistency, as this week's column proves yet again.... NEWS Due to the late nature of the section (on account of election results), I was unable to receive the news articles in time for review. Still, given The Stranger news department's rigorously faulty abilities, I assume it will be both (a) riddled with inaccuracies, and (b) close to unreadable (also, it will undoubtedly have something to do with the monorail).... FEATURE An excerpt from Dan Savage's new book, which begs the question: Is it not bad enough that his severely bloated ego is given ample room to roam in every issue without the feature being devoted to his inane rants in book form?... FILM Why is music editor Jennifer Maerz reviewing films? Why is film editor Sean Nelson reviewing films?... BOOKS Skimmed.... ART The Stranger has an art section?... THEATER Didn't read.... CHOW Didn't read.... MUSIC A shockingly healthy (not to mention readable) section this week.... ETC. It's My Party: Didn't read.... Celeb I Saw U: Too gay.... I Love TV: Quite possibly gayer than Celeb I Saw U.... Savage Love: Didn't read.... Obits: Also didn't read.