Who are the sexiest

people in Seattle?

We don't care about sexy local celebs--no Mariners, please, and no local TV talking heads. No, we want to hear about Seattle's sexiest waiters, baristas, bike messengers, clerks, strippers and college freshman--basically all the regular sexy people, the hot bois and grrrls who make leaving house worthwhile.

Fill out the form below with your nominees' names, or, if you don't know their names, a description and/or some suggestions on how we can track them down (where they work, when they're usually at work) and a few words about why you find them so frickin' sexy. Then you pick up our Valentine's Day issue on February 13 and see if your nominee won!

PLEASE NOTE: You don't have to vote in every category--in fact, feel free to vote in just one. You can also e-mail us at frickinsexy@thestranger.com. The more info you give us, the likelier we'll be able to find your nominee/nominees. No one will be featured in Seattle's Sexiest People against his or her will.


Sexiest Bartender __________________________________________________

Sexiest Barista ______________________________________________________

Sexiest Waiter _____________________________________________________

Sexiest Bike Messenger _____________________________________________

Sexiest Retail Clerk ________________________________________________

Sexiest Movie Theater Employee ______________________________________

Sexiest DJ ________________________________________________________

Sexiest Stripper ____________________________________________________

Sexiest Health Club Employee _______________________________________

Sexiest Video Store Clerk ____________________________________________

Sexiest Bank Teller _____________________________________________________

Sexiest College Freshman ____________________________________________

Sexiest Intern _________________________________________________________

Sexiest Street Kid ___________________________________________________

Sexiest Person Sitting Alone in a Bar on a Tuesday Night _________________

Sexiest Male Mormon Twins _________________________________________

What makes your nominee/nominees so damn sexy?_____________________