Christian Family Association / Thursday, November 6, 2003

Seattle, WA--In a shocking display last week, city council candidates, incumbents and challengers alike, engaged in behaviors that can only be described as immoral. At a "debate" held on the campus of the University of Washington;

-- Seattle City Council President Peter

Steinbrueck brandished a bong.

-- Seattle City Council candidate Tom

Rasmussen, an avowed homosexual,

accepted a "lap dance" from a female


-- Seattle City Council Member Heidi

Wills, an avowed heterosexual, sat on

the face of Seattle Times columnist

Joni Balter.

The Washington State Chapter of the Christian Family Association condemns this "debate" and calls on the appropriate law enforcement authorities to investigate. Additionally, the Washington State Chapter of the Christian Family Association takes the following positions:

--The use of marijuana, medical or recreational, cannot be condoned. City Council President Peter Steinbrueck sent the wrong message to our kids.

-- While we support the right of married couples to sit on each other's faces, we are strongly opposed to attractive female incumbents sitting on the faces of much more mature female newspaper columnists.

-- The Christian Family Association is adamantly opposed to same-sex lap dances. So while we were pleased that homosexual candidate Tom Rasmussen did not promote his sexual orientation by accepting a lap dance from a man, we were nevertheless distressed that Mr. Rasmussen did not accept Jesus Christ as his personal savior, renounce his homosexuality, and marry the lap dancer before his lap dance commenced.

When a member of the Christian Family Association attempted to share her concerns with candidates at the College Inn Pub after the debate, the candidates told her, variously, to "fuck off," "eat shit," and "buy me a drink, Jesus Freak."