You, the "biting librarian." You got sloshed and bit my girlfriend at the end-of-the-year library-school party at the UW. We heard you got arrested, but we were really disappointed to see you at Convocation. Perhaps you noticed the cold shoulder you were getting--we couldn't believe you had the poor taste to show up at all. It sucks ass that the administration didn't take action to remove your ass--you, a UW employee who works at the Women's Center on a violence prevention project, for fuck's sake. Well, my librarian friends and I are talking. This is a small field, you know, and your violence against one woman is going to follow you to every job you apply for, because we will make sure that word spreads far and wide about you. Shame on you, and shame on the administration for sweeping this under the rug. There's no biting in librarianship!