I was fine with you in the beginning. When people would talk shit, I would say, "She's not that bad, she's had a hard life, give her a break." But I quickly realized your unfortunate life experiences are by no means large enough of an excuse for your unfortunate personality. You treat my best friend like shit. You show up to parties uninvited and irritatingly drunk. You are atrociously needy but never reciprocate the favors you are constantly receiving from everyone we know. As if all that isn't enough you have the nerve to put the moves on my boyfriend mere moments after I leave! He used to be into you, yes, but after he got with me you should've known your chance had passed. There comes a point when we all have to develop past adolescence and own up to our choices no matter how bad they are. I have my shit together and I'm actually doing something with my life. I don't need your bullshit attitude. I'm sick of your superiority complex, I'm sick of you using everyone we know, I'm sick of your trashy outfits and most of all I am sick of you throwing yourself at my boyfriend. So fuck off. I hope you die alone.